The 1958 bombing of the Temple unexpectedly helps heal the community.

Atlanta’s Jewry had not healed from the 1915 lynching of Leo Frank. Now, stoked by the 1954 Supreme Court decision declaring the segregation of public schools unconstitutional, a new kind of hate was raging: White supremacists were going after blacks by attacking their Jewish brethren. This made Jacob M. Rothschild, the Temple’s blunt, outspoken chief rabbi, a prime target.

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See also the New Georgia Encyclopedia articles on , author of The Temple Bombing (1996), and on , rabbi of the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation during the time of the bombing.

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“The Temple Bombing”

JERUSALEM --The attempted terrorist bombing of Islam's third-holiest sight has created aftershocks in Jewish and Arab sectors of this city, releasing a collective shudder at the thought of what might have happened if the golden-topped Dome of the Rock or the silver-domed Al-Aksa mosque had been destroyed by dynamite. . .

A week ago Friday, six to eight intruders armed with at least 30 pounds of explosives and 22 Israeli army-issue hand grenades scaled the outer wall before dawn and sipped under the cover of a cloud sky onto the compound that contains the mosques. They headed toward the Dome of the Rock.

An unarmed Muslim guard noticed them and alerted Israeli police, who chased them off. The intruders left behind explosives, ropes, ladders and knapsacks. Palestinian sources claim that the amount of dynamite left was nearly 10 times what police have reported.

No suspects have been arrested, but police commander Yehoshua Caspi told a parliamentary committee Tuesday that he is convinced Jewish extremists had plotted the attack. . .

"There would have been riots and mass murder," said a dental technician in Jewish West Jerusalem, reflecting the concern that has spread throughout the city. "And you know, I wouldn't have blamed the Arabs. What would we do if Arab fanatics blew up the Western (Wailing) Wall?"

The aborted attack, media reports of which were censored for nearly two days, sparked isolated riots in Nablus and a nearby refugee camp on the West Bank. Arab commentators elsewhere in the Middle East claimed that if the bombing had been successful, it would have started a new jihad, or holy war, against Israel.

"It would have been the disaster of the decade," said Bishara Bahbah, the new editor in chief of East Jerusalem's Al-Fajr newspaper.

The incident has renewed a call for more protection for Jerusalem's religious sites.

Police have not arrested anyone in those attacks, during which a Muslim clergyman and a Christian nun were injured. Anonymous callers have claimed responsibility on behalf of a group calling itself Terror Against Terror.

"Sometimes I can accept these things as isolated acts for extremist purposes," said Nazmi Ju'beh, curator of the Islamic Museum near the Dome of the Rock, "but this is happening in an organized way, and the government isn't doing anything."

Police patrols have been stepped up since the foiled attack, and officials said they are planning new electronic surveillance around the 30-acre plateau that occupies the entire southeast corner of the walled Old City of Jerusalem.

Many Jerusalem residents believe that the attempted bombing is connected with increasing pressure from Jewish nationalist extremists to be allowed to pray on the compound , where the ancient Temple stood.

The bombing sparked a backlash among the public.

The dramatic story that Maize and his collaborators chose to focus on unfolds as a courtroom drama, the trial of one of the suspected bombers, George Bright. The play also dramatizes the tribulations and transformations of the Temple’s congregation as seen through the eyes of the rabbi’s wife, Janice Rothschild, who becomes the play’s narrator.

Three Muslim teenagers who bombed a Sikh temple have been found ..

The similarities between 1958 and 2017 are too obvious to be dismissed. The bombing of architect Philip Trammell Shutze’s beautiful 1931 temple was not fake news. But out of that darkness, a path of healing and forgiveness was illumined. That’s what makes this play so unsettling — and so significant.

Sikh Temple Blown Up By Islamic State Supporters ‘Not Terrorism ..

Many of the Atlanta personalities memorably featured in Greene’s book — Rabbi Rothschild (Todd Weeks) and his wife, Janice (Caitlin O’Connell), accused bomber George Bright (Eric Mendenhall), flamboyant defense attorney Reuben Garland (Ric Reitz) and more — become characters for the stage as the show’s creator and director Jimmy Maize guides the play into production.

were arrested after the bombing.

Subsequently, Daguerre’s picture survived the bombings of Munich in 1940 but, shortly after the war, an over-zealous museum curator attempted to clean it. The mercury amalgamated to the silver was incredibly fragile – likened to the powdery scales on a butterfly’s wings – and the hapless curator wiped the whole thing clean.