Prometheusthen hears the fluttering of wings.

mentions that a single ancientvase shows Prometheus "bound to a beam which serves the purposes of a cross."Otherwise, Prometheus is described as nailed and/or chained to the Caucasusmountains, which the Greeks thought might as well be at the ends of the earth.

Prometheus was one of the Titans, the original race of godssprung from earth and sky.

In Philebus,Prometheus gives both fire and knowledge of "the one and the many" (i.e.,philosophy).In Plato's Gorgias,echoing Aeschylus's play,Prometheus takes from human beings the foreknowledge of their times of death.

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Prometheus reminds a human character that he's always beenthe friend of humankind.

where the Phasis,the great twofold boundary of Europe and Asia..." Procopius mentionsthat Aeschylus placed such a passage at the beginning of the play (History ofthe Gothic Wars 4.6.15).Strabo (Geography 1.2.27) quotes the following passage from "PrometheusUnbound":

It sounds as if Aeschylus had heard of the source of the Nile river.Cicero, in his Tusculan Disputations 2.23-25, quotes Aeschylus in his Latintranslation.

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Euripides (Ion 454) confirms that it was Prometheus whoreleased Athena.
Prometheus bestowed a number of advantages on the human race.

It's to make caring for offspring easier

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This, then, he regarded,and honored his famous son; though he was angry, he ceased fromthe wrath which he had before because Prometheus matched himselfin wit with the almighty son of Cronos.Apollonius and Pausanius both retell the story of the theft of fire and Prometheus'sbeing nailed to Mount Caucasus.

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Because of this,Apollodorus(Library2.5.11)says that Herakles wrapped olive leaves around his own head, symbolicallybinding himself in place of Prometheus.

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Apollodorus says that when he was released, Prometheus advised Herakles on how to get the applesof the Hesperides.Some old writers say that Prometheus had to wear a ring made of theiron with which he was bound, and bearing a piece of the stoneto which he was bound, so Zeus could say his decree still held.


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