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Now God's book, the bible, is his training manual, hisinstruction leaflet, his users guide, his online help button for mankind. It wascreated by the same God who created the universe and therefore is manufacturedusing the same Modus Operandi. It is therefore a spiritual book. So one will likewise have to use one's powers ofreason to see God even through his book. If we really want to know him wewill have to look beneath the literal surface meaning of the book. It has ahidden meaning, discernable by the power of reason, a meaning that is not literally stated. So it is written in acode.

Yes, it is the greatest of them all in meaning. Well, the event symbolicmeaning is as follows:

Whereas the 2nd and 3rd fire signs were to come on 2017Adar9/10 and2017Adar10/11 which are 11BLC years after the date of the letter. Plainly Gordon was speaking symbolically(unbeknown to him). Jesus was appointed as Caesar to Zoar on 2017Shebat11, the11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of the contest of 1Kings18.

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The classic example of Successive Designation Symbolism isRevelation 12. Here we read:

The light shows up good and bad. Light representing good anddarkness representing bad. The symbolism of the accountof the first ‘day’ of creation of Genesis 1 is:

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If a noun is referred to by a pronoun, then in the word symbolic meaning tehpronoun represents the word symbolic meaning of the last stated noun. So forexample if we read...

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The woman is the holy spirit, the leaven is the bible code, and the threelumps of flour are the literal, the event symbolic and the account symbolicmeanings of the bible. When the whole mass is fermented/leavened (decoded), thenwe can truly eat the whole book and see both the code and the truth and God andthe true religion and his plan and his love and his humour and his righteousness,and our total and utter pretentiousness and stupidity stretching over 3500years. As regards the account symbolic meaningof Matthew 13:33 and the parallel account in Luke 13:20 please see section [].

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Daniel chapter 5 has two designations for Belshazzar, theking of Babylon. These are: The King and Belshazzar. In each Word symbolic meaning, Belshazzar stands forsomeone, the kingstands for someone else, and Belshazzar, the king is a double designation whichstands for the symbolic meaning of 'Belshazzar' in the first word symbolism andthe symbolic meaning of 'The king' in the second. If you do not realise this then the account is all tied up ina knot and you get nowhere. Once you do realise this, then you can untangle the accountinto its two different Word Symbolic strands. For our imperfect attempt at theuntangling of Daniel 5, which youare unlikely to follow as yet! - see [].

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Another illustration he spoke to them: The kingdom of theheavens is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three large measures of flour, until the whole mass wasfermented/leavened (Matthew 13).