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We have very few rules andmostly they are rules of consideration and rules of safety (like if you light acandle it should be resting on something inflammable like a saucer or candle holder....

Rules in the absence of principle are often found to be irrelevant by children.

"Why is that I don't have any real rules, you don't make me do things and you don't punish me and yet I do what you ask, help around the house and don't disobey you?" He then went on to discuss a few of his friends who are always trying to get out of what they are told to do, who don't do what their parent's ask until they 'have' to, who often disobey the rules.

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Priority roads are cancelled by the "end of priority road" sign  or by a yield or stopsign.

She said they make her feel anxious and untrusted , that her mothertells her she is a good kid and then makes all kinds of rules and that makes herfeel like her mother is lying.

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I feel that helping children grasp the concept ofempathy far outweighs the benefits of rules.-Dawn / southernbelle
Just wanted to share an interesting situation with you guys.

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I believe that this is a good basic philosophy for all areasof life; marriage, parenting, employment, neighbors, friendships, even justdriving down the road.

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That has got to be the ultimate aim of this "venture," no?Not a concrete example, alas, but from the perspective of someone who spent nearly a decade as a corporate lawyer —"rules" are things you get around by clever thinking.

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We used to find ways to argue the rules in school, but teachers/administrators just exercised their power over us, keeping us "in the spirit of the rule." Then we all went kinda passive.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new set of European legislation designed to reform and harmonise the rules on individuals’ personal data. Ratified by the European Parliament on April 2016, it will enter into force on 2018. Its impact is considerable, and for this reason we prepared a GDPR Summary that will help company’s to start assessing their strongest and weakest spots in their privacy policy.

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Being forced to play an instrument can create an adult who doesn't even bother to own one of the instruments he knows how to play, because how he's out of school he doesn't "have to." If someone made me practice eating before every meal, I wouldn't be very hungry.So here I have kids who can sleep as long as they want, who set their alarms and get up; who have all kinds of clothes and no rules, who dress well and appropriately to the situation; who don't have to come home but they DO come home.Something important is happening.Good thots, IMHO.