Eliot Ness: The Real Story [Paul W

Binder, a recognized authority on the history of organized crime in Chicago, discusses all the important bootlegging gangs in the city and the suburbs and also examines the other major rackets, such as prostitution, gambling, labor and business racketeering, and narcotics.

Eliot Ness was doing his part in smashing stills which cut off heavy income from the Capone gang.
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Eliot Ness tells Heller that he sees the Newberry killing as a sign of waning Cermak strength with the mob and suggests that telling the truth at the Nitti trial might be easier with Cermak in a weakened position.

Eliot Ness - Cleveland Police Museum

In it were Chief Deputy Marshal Joseph O'Neil, Prohibition Agent Eliot Ness, who gathered the evidence against Capone, and two more dry agents.
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The section of this Website gives an idea of how these better-known elements fit into the context of Capone's life and times. exposes them and gives an idea of what truth (if any) lies behind them. details those who played significant parts in the story, with an idea of their function and relationship with Capone. gives you a sampling of things Capone is known to have said (plus one often-cited "quote" that, in fact, Capone almost surely never did say!) and a few of the things said about him by contemporaries. spells out the extraordinary grip that Capone still has on our national consciousness and imagination. details that folly’s origin and effect. gives particulars.