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To prove that the storm water run-off is under the limit for each of the pollutants, also known as parameters, that the facility is required to test for, the storm water run-off must be sampled. Each facility will have specific sample points where storm water run-off discharges into a drain or into a body of water. When it rains, these points must be sampled by employees of the company that owns the facility, or by Frog Employees if the company purchased a Premium Monitoring Contract and is paying us extra to have our consultants perform the samples. Companies that perform their own sampling have a Basic Monitoring Contract.
The samples are performed using specific guidelines and are put into bottles or jars. Our consultants are experts in collecting the samples of storm water run-off and they train our customers to collect samples using correct procedures. There is a chain of custody to prove what happens to samples between the facility and the lab. The lab tests and analyzes the water samples and determines how much of each pollutant, or parameter, is in each sample.
The IGP sets a Numeric Action Level (NAL) for each parameter. If a sample is under the NAL for all parameters, then the sample is deemed clean and there is no problem. This indicates that the customer is following the correct procedures and keeping the facility pollutant free of excessive pollutants. If the sample exceeds the NAL for any or all parameters, the results are called Exceedances. Water samples are submitted online using the Water Board’s Storm Water Multiple Application and Report Tracking System (SMARTS) Database.

Fog of War The Washington Post has put together a fine website on the Gulf War
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The first PSYOP teams deployed to on 7 August. On 10 August the PSYOP planning cell was in CENTCOM HQ. On 11 August CENTCOM set forth the National and PSYOP objectives, themes to be stressed and avoided, military actions, target audiences and PSYOP products. By 17 August a Desert Shield PSYOP Strategic Plan was finalized. We should point out that it took months for the plan to be approved by everyone up the chain of command and required General Schwarzkopf to get personally involved. The Post-Operational Analysis of Psychological Operations During Desert Shield/Storm adds:

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Storm Runners are people that are chasing storms.
The story Storm Runners is by Roland Smith and it is a fiction story
Storm Runners Presentation
By Juan Carlos Herrera

The setting is in Saint Petersburg, Florida
The Main Four Characters
Chase Masters is a amazing character he and his father can predict the future and he can see that a big hurricane is approaching Saint Petersberg ,Florida.

Nicole is a girl that only cares about her self and is a friend of chase at the school.
Chases father is also a very important character to this story he can predict the future like his son Chase.

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Industrial facilities that can show all industrial activities, materials, and wastes have no exposure to storm water can apply for a No Exposure Certification, (NEC). An NEC requires that the discharger submits facility diagrams, performs an annual inspection, and certifies that conditions of no exposure are maintained. Upon application a $200 permit fee is required. Facilities that were considered “light industry” under the old IGP, may now qualify for an NEC. Click here for more information on applying for an NEC.