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‘despite a $96 million cash infusion from the province—4.9 per cent more than last year—the FHA was still facing a $160 million budget shortfall. Murray said the decisions to cut funding for senior’s programs, mental health counseling and help to victims of domestic violence were difficult, but necessary…. Other measures to save money include limiting MRI tests to 2008 levels—despite the addition of two new MRI scanners at hospitals in White Rock and Burnaby—delaying between 6,000 and 9,000 elective surgeries like hip or knee replacements and cataract surgery—until some time in 2010 after the Olympics, and getting rid of temporary residential-care beds’.

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The U.S. clearly needs to take a look at the facts and figures of itself and other countries and ask itself what must be done to improve the health status of its citizens and decrease costs. American citizens seem almost blindly opposed to universal coverage as runs against the individualistic values of the country. However, if they look at the successes of both Britain and Canada, and even Germany with its employer mandated program, they would realize that the health status of the country could greatly increase without costs running out of control. There is clearly something wrong with a system that spends almost 40% more of its GDP than the next highest spending country (Canada), yet consistently falls behind three or four other countries in the health of its citizens. Perhaps if the U.S. could get past the mental barrier to universal entitlements, or even employer mandated insurance, and look at the actual benefits the system could offer, a national health system would be set in place. Whether or not this will occur any time in the near future is very ambiguous, however, as efforts to pass some sort of universal health coverage bill have thus far failed.

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Stoddhart, D. Rationalizing the Health Care System. A Paper which was presented at the Ontario Council Conference, Toronto, May 14-15, 1984.

With a newly elected President who campaigned for socialized medicine, we need to take a serious look at the pros and cons of such an undertaking. If Barrack Obama has his way everyone in the United States will have Government Health Care. Is that realistic, even achievable at this point.

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When I read there are three times the population of Canada without healthcare in the US I am sadden. Canadians are presently experiencing an extended waiting time for surgery however, we can all see our family doctors without worrying about cost. For profit medical is a crime and thanks to a great Canadian Tommy Douglas (Kiefer Sutherland’s grandfather), we have socialized medicine. Nevertheless, this subject will probably be discussed in a future “Damn Interesting” spot.

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Of course as this “Damn Interesting” topic was about the US having a plan to attack Canada during the 30’s (I was not alive then). Everyone (better make that most, well maybe not that many, but quite a number of literate humans) believes the US and other powerful military countries presently have the same plans. Today governments are spending even more cash (our tax dollars) keeping these scenarios up to date. We would be naïve to believe these types of military plans will ever end. It would make too much sense to spend the money on free healthcare, education and renewable energies.

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quote:I can understand Americans getting tired of hearing Canadians demonizing their government ant its actions, when they themselves don’t like it. But I think it is also very important that we have these kinds of discussion because they help us towards a mutual understanding. I try and carefully read what you state in your posts, getting mixed messages might to a large extent be related to the virtual aspects of this conversation. I like debating, but never consider myself to have some moral superiority, and don’t pretend to be referred to as a mentor. I try and always learn new things, and my political ideas are not fossilized, they modify themselves according to new elements that come into consideration.