The Seven Deadly Sins of Mahatma Gandhi Essay

Thomas Merton wrote a to ask for help against the Seven Deadly Sins. It is found on page 44 of “New Seeds of Contemplation.” Much of his focus is on the illusions we have about ourselves, and how to let God clear these away.

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Catholic Church - dummies
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The Reverend Barthlolomew de la Torre, O.P. wrote the following on August 22, 2003:
“Thank you for your excellent web page on the Seven Deadly Sins. A principal classical text not to be omitted is that of St. Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologiae.

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Catholic Church.

actions in the form of Gandhi’s Seven Deadly Sins
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The table below lists The Seven Deadly Sins (vices) in the traditional order with the virtues against which they are sins. The history of this list goes back at least to Pope St. Gregory the Great and St. John Cassian, but while the list itself is not strictly biblical, the Bible proscribes all seven. If one or more of these doesn’t seem like a big sin to you, it almost certainly means you have already rationalized it. Work on that one first. By the way, there is no set list of virtues corresponding to these, what follows below reflect our choices.