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Whence I suppose, also that the apostolical tradition has continued, that on the eve of the passover it is not permitted to dismiss the people before midnight, expecting the coming of Christ: and when that time shall have passed, security being now presumed upon, all keep the festival.

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The Secret Sharer: Analysis, Title Significance & Criticism;
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Well ofcourse good support for brane theory would not fine-tuning, and unless the extreme multiverse theories of David Lewis(every logically possible universe exists - in which case of course Godexists in some universes and hence in all) are correct, there wouldstill be the question of the laws of physicshave given that other forms would not be conducivetolife.

But most people have believed in God without knowing about anthropicfine-tuning, and if that argument were shown to be much less forcefulthan it now appears it would make apologetic to scientists a littleharder, but not alter faith. Although it would slightly reduce thewow-factor, rather as if we found that the stars were in fact largelyan optical illusion.
Remember that cosmologists are "often in error but never in doubt". Tobase faith on cosmology is to rest it on very insecure foundations - toillustrate it with the glory of the universe, and to challenge thosewho profess to put their faith in the ephemeral theories of scientists,is a different matter.
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One reason why the tsunami occurred is that we do not live inamagic world, but in a creation that has been given the gift of reliableand regular laws of nature by its Creator. The great fertility of lifein all its forms depends on that gift. But it also has itsinescapable shadow side. A world of evolving fruitfulnesscannohelp also being a world with malformations and ragged edges as part ofit. The fact that there are tectonic plates has enabledmineralresources to well up from within the Earth, replenishing over manymillions of years the chemical richness of its surface. Therawmaterial for endless generations of life became available in thisway. Yet if there are tectonic plates, they will alsooccasionally slip, producing earthquakes and the huge ocean swells thataccompany them. You cannot have one without the other. We alltend to think that if we had been in charge of creation we would havekept all the nice things and discarded all the bad ones. The more welearn scientifically how the world works, the more clearly we see thatthis is just not possible, for fruitfulness and destructiveness, orderand chaos, are inextricably intertwined.
The second thought is a specifically Christian insight into God'srelationship to suffering. Our God is not just ascompassionatespectator of events, looking down in pity from the safety of heaven,but we believe that, in the cross of Christ, God himself - living ahuman life in Jesus - has truly been a fellow-sharer of the anguish ofthe world. Where is God in the suffering of creation? TheChristian answer is that God is a participant alongside us in thestrangeness and bitterness of events. I believe that thisinsightmeets the problem of suffering at the most profound level possible.
I hope that these thoughts may be of some use as we prayerfully wrestlewith our perplexities about the devastation left by the tsunami.