Examine The Scarlet Letter in light of this statement.

During the Chapter The Minister's Vigil a meteor falls from the sky and makes an impressive "A" in the night sky, as stated as, "looking up to zenith, beheld there the appearance of an immense letter-the letter A,-marked out in lines of dull red light" (Hawthorne 141).

Hester is convicted to the life long bearing of a scarlet letter on her chest.
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this is able to prove that the Forest is a place where the sinful, Dimmesdale and Hester, release their beings in context of ripping off the scarlet letter form her bosom.

She is also the only living symblol of the scarlet letter "A".

As punishment Hester must adorn a Scarlet A symbolizing her sin and shaping her existence....
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In the beginning of the novel, Hawthorne describes the letter "A" that lies on Hester's bosom as a symbol of adultery. Hester is made to wear the letter "A" once the town's people see, that she committed adultery...

The Scarlet Letter is a novel filled with many contrasting themes.

They lookeed like the stitchesof the mother's caesarean scar as far as her eyes could see" (59).Compare and contrast some of the imageryhere with the similes in

Describe the character of Templeton?

The narrator says, "I should have likedto say: 'Once upon a time there was a little prince who lived on a planet that was scarcely any bigger than himself,and who had need of a sheep .

How is this term applicableto the novel?

"Judy came down and read out loud to them,mostly poetry and some of it in Italian which, of course, Jess couldn't understand, but he buried his head in therich sound of the words and let himself be wrapped warmly around in the feel of the Burkes' brilliance" (69).

He’s rightnot to let them eat him up.

As the daughter of the adulteress Hester Prynne, the townspeople view Pearl as a demon in an angel’s clothing; who not only knows exactly what the letter "A" signifies on the bosom of her mother, but as the demon who placed it there, as well....

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However, when reading engaging, well-written, stylistic and ambiguous novels, such as The Scarlet Letter, one must go deeper and actually examine the novel and the elements that the author so effectively uses....

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The name strikes fear in the hearts of high school students everywhere because Hawthorne's 'wordy' novels, especially his 1849 The Scarlet Letter, have been at the top of English classes' required reading lists for years and will continue to be for years to come.