Santo Daime - Religion of the Forest - What is our Religion

By the 30s, Santo Daime was gaining many adherents among Serra's fellow rubber-tappers and other (primarily poor and black) rural Brazilians, and it spread to the town of Rio Branco.

Santo Daime emerged out of the same curious religious mix that these other doctrines did.
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To accomplish this task we use, within a ritual context, the sacramental enteogen beverage known as ayahuasca re-baptized by Master Irineu as Santo Daime.

I was a dedicated member of the santo daime for over 8 years

What is unique about Santo Daime and the UDV is their use of a psychotropic or entheogenic plant.
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(Beyran, 1995.) During the Summit, Santo Daime members joined an inter-faith religious pavilion area, and set up their own tent where 600 people (observers and faithful alike) took part in their all-night ceremonies of tea drinking, rhythmic dancing, and singing hymns for the protection of the rainforest.

Spiritual Altar -A Place To Worship God

Santo Daime sect members often report visions of flying through or above the galaxy in space, and meeting aliens who claim to come from the center of the galaxy.

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The Daime religion's emphasis on protecting the rainforest is certainly one that any ethnobotanist can say "amen" to, and like some of mankind's earliest religions, it also seems to be based more on direct experience and less on dogmas, doctrines, and religious hierarchies and functionaries.