Marx believed that ideologies were determined by the ruling elite.

was the most prominent writer to begin using the modern definition of , which describes the framework that science operates within. The term can also describe the frameworks girding other disciplines. Systematic thinking rose with civilization and , and today’s various systems of thought are sometimes called paradigms, ideologies, or the “isms.” All ideologies have a set of foundational assumptions. The ideologies that currently include:

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Beginning with the ancient Greeks and continuing with European scholars and scientists after the Greek teachings , the practice of using logic and observation eventually formed the rationalist-materialist paradigm that dominates science today. However, the greatest physicists did not subscribe to it. A cornerstone to developing that mechanistic paradigm was eliminating consciousness. Today’s science views the universe as a huge mechanism, and discovering the mechanism is about the only mystery worth pursuing. Eliminating consciousness was an ideological . Consciousness may be at the root of the . Ironically, our consciousness is all that we . When a teenager, I was shown that the chemical/mechanical models of consciousness that prevail in science today , which is easily demonstrated.

to support and to subvert ruling-class ideologies.

As Fuller noted, ever since the beginnings of civilization, economic conditioning all political-economic ideologies. of today’s dominant ideological systems , and will become obsolete when economic abundance reigns, which will necessarily be based on energy abundance.


The major strength of feminist ideology is that it has exposed and challenged the gender biases that pervade society and which have been ignored by conventional political thought.

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Fascism is a political ideology whose core theme is the idea of an organically unified national community, embodied in a belief in 'strength through unity'.

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Several analogies can be used for describing the free energy journey and those offering to be a showcase installation. In the past, I have likened the free energy and abundance journey to climbing a mountain or traveling to distant star systems, with the gravity wells of scarcity-based ideologies among the most common hazards, but in this essay I will use another imperfect analogy.

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Most scholars of Aristotle make no attempt to show that he is alignedwith any contemporary ideology. Rather, insofar as they find himrelevant to our times, it is because he offers a remarkable synthesisof idealism and realpolitik unfolding in deep and thought-provokingdiscussions of perennial concerns of political philosophy: the role ofhuman nature in politics, the relation of the individual to the state,the place of morality in politics, the theory of political justice,the rule of law, the analysis and evaluation of constitutions, therelevance of ideals to practical politics, the causes and cures ofpolitical change and revolution, and the importance of a morallyeducated citizenry.

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However, major factors stand in the way of the worldwide spread of the green movement, making it difficult for ecologism to develop into a truly global ideology.

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So-called 'end of ideology' theorists such as Francis Fukuyama (1992) argued that the twentieth century had culminated with the final, worldwide triumph of liberalism.