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So what can we expect from the Supreme Court? Early in the Bush administration, the Department of Justice issued an extensive legal analysis supporting the gun-rights view of the Second Amendment. It has adhered to that position in the D.C. case but with an important twist. Suppose the Second Amendment does protect an individual right. Still, like all rights, that right can be regulated by the government for good reasons — as the Amendment's reference to a “well regulated” militia itself suggests. In the First Amendment setting, we let the government regulate speech only if it has extremely good reasons for the regulation.

Gun control laws directly violate this right and therefore should not even be under consideration.

population, more than 60 percent of all handgun owners, live in these free states, yet no more than one to five percent ever apply for such licenses.
Notwithstanding the fact that most people do not carry guns, the mere possibility that an intended victim could be armed with a handgun eliminates millions of crimes every year.

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Though it is a right, if crime rate increases due to gun violence, should self-defense hamper with the enforcement of gun-control laws.

You’re missing her point. It’s all well and good that you feel people should be morally obliged to know gun safety but the fact of the matter is no law dictates this. And thus, there is no way to know how many gun owners have taken classes or have any idea how to use the weapon. We are trusted to police ourselves as citizens on this and unfortunately that can have bad consequences. Like when children find loaded weapons and fire them at other or themselves. Or that someone may be trained and a law abiding citizen until they choose not to be that way one day. It’s not moral and it’s not right but it happens.

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You have set yourself up for failure, and I believe on purpose to make a point.
Where did you take your concealed carry class and not have to take an exam and qualify?
Though I see what you are trying to do, this is a skewed experiment. People who have committed shootings were not new gun owners that had bad days and on a whim decided to kill a bunch of people. These are people who illegally obtain firearms and commit heinous crimes.
There is no more training to get drivers licenses and no one goes off the deep end about motor vehicle deaths. If we made it harder to get drivers licenses would that stop people from driving drunk?
People who undertake the responsibility of buying a firearm for protection will not just go with the minimum amount of training, As a responsible gun owner it is your obligation to become knowledgeable and proficient with your sidearm. If you make a mistake it will be you that is liable, no one else. So it is in your best interest to be a responsible gun owner.
If you look at states that have made it legal to carry a sidearm you will see a trend of crime rates going down. WRAL did a story about that very subject in Raleigh NC.
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If you had familiarized yourselves with handguns before deciding to carry one, as most handgun buyers do, you wouldn’t have shaking hands and surging adrenaline. It would be as normal to you as carrying a cell-phone, although you would have a heightened sense of situational awareness about people approaching you from the direction your holster is facing (P.S. it’s better to concealed-carry if you are concerned about safety; open-carry, while it absolutely should be legal, is only good for hunting and making political statements).

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There’s a difference between open carry and concealed carry. Open carry means the gun is out in the open for everyone to see. Concealed carry means the gun is hidden. Concealed carry doesn’t 100% guarantee nobody will be able to grab your gun, but it’s hard to take a gun from someone if you don’t think they have one.