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Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan made the following statement celebrating the Alabama Republican Party’s 150th birthday:

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Dr. King dreamed of a nation where men and women are judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. We Republicans share that dream.

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As you participate in these small elections, you may even be elected to represent your precinct. This great honor magnifies your voice (and the voice of your neighbors) in the election process and in the direction of the Republican Party.

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“As the Alabama Republican Party celebrates our 150th birthday on Monday, June 5, we remember the patriarchs and matriarchs of our Party who laid a firm conservative political foundation for our state. We celebrate our hard work and remember those that never gave up in the fight to spread our message. We honor the voters of our state who stand shoulder to shoulder with us along with our elected officials who make policies that uphold our platform principles.”

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“The Republican Party was founded as an anti-slavery organization. History shows us that our party supported the right for women to vote and demanded freedom and voting rights for African Americans. In 1874, there were 33 Republican African Americans elected to the Alabama State Legislature. It was the Democrat Party who fought against these issues.”

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As the Republican Party in the 19th century worked for abolition and in the 20th century to ensure voting rights for every woman and man, Republicans of the 21st century must continue striving for a society that offers quality jobs and business opportunities, excellent schools for every child, safe homes and communities, and the freedom to pursue your dreams and happiness as God intended.

"today's GOP members are too conservative and overly partisan.

“We are proud to celebrate the formation of the ALGOP 150 years ago and our glorious history of supporting these simple human rights. Today, we are proud to support the rights of the unborn who cannot speak for themselves. Like most Alabamians, we believe that the free market knows best for our nation verses a cumbersome overreaching government. We will continue to fight and guard the principles and values of our Party’s platform.”

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