808 Responses to “Do Men Even Notice Women Anymore?”

If you watch the media with a less jaundiced eye nowadays, however, you’re starting to see the playing field level out to be more “equal opportunity”. There are even moments where the woman is portrayed quite negatively in commercials as men historically have been for the past couple of decades. The “Jake from State Farm” commercial springs to mind, which has been aired heavily for at least three years now, meaning that it most surely has been proven to convert.

Out of the blue, she posed one of the most poignant questions I’d been asked in quite some time:

Well, as I’ve had to reiterate here probably a dozen times now (still to no avail)…your attitude toward women–and the leadership you show accordingly—are what matter most. Without that any skills you learn don’t matter diddly-squat.

Wowza. And “Lana” would be a woman’s name, no less, right?

“Scot, do men even LOOK at women anymore? I mean, do they even NOTICE us out there?”

the last urge that they had, the sexual urge, that forced them to go out in social environnement, is not relevant anymore, thanks to dating application like Tinder and other social network, now, an average looking girl can have sex with a guy who’s a 10 or 9, just by clicking on a button and say “yes” to a date in his place (you won’t believe how promescious women can be when the guy is sending the right social and physical signals.. they just become the hunters).

Funnily enough I already pointed that out:

You either trust her to have a gun to your head with her finger on the trigger for the rest of your life or for as long as the marriage or cohabitation last, just have short term relations with women, or be a hardcore MGTOW. Those are the choices for heterosexual men today.

No one is asking you to stay around.

Men suicide rate is highly correlated with divorce rates. Once you become a deadbeat dad and you become a wage slave to your exwife, being deprive to see your children, have gone to bankruptcy, the only way out is to either go to prison or commit suicide. Many prefer suicide than slavery.

My reasons for not being attracted to women.

In the past, before no fault divorce, thanks for that feminism, you had to prove the other did wrong to divorce them, and if he or she did, then you got the money, kids, etc. You just couldn’t get destroy like you do today, simply because of your gender. You only needed to be a god person to be secure. Things have change radically, thanks feminism, so now we men just need to adapt, by not having long term relationships with women. Prenups and Cohabitational Agreements are also useless nowadays, they get thrown out faster than the time you take to make them. Are not even worth the paper they are written on.

You have expectations too, it seems.

Scot, I´ve seen the Big Four Pillars you talked about, and I’m a Big Three person when it comes to dating. I got the third one as well, they feel very confident with me, no problem there. The problem is with me later, about trust and not wanting to commit because of fear of divorce or even common law marriage.

No expectations, no disappointments, no heartache…

Caveat: If you think they’re all going to be evil, man-hating, golddigging skanks, you probably won’t lift the veil. LEADERSHIP is what changes your visual field.