Milestone mentioning Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus

While a thoughtful Emperor, like Marcus Aurelius, expressed ideals adopted from cosmopolitanism, the unity and universality of Rome soon expressed itself as the unity and universality of a , Christianity, whose intrinsic exclusivism and intolerance became characteristic of the Middle Ages (keeping in mind that there was already a , with whose polytheistic requirements Christians and Jews had clashed).

In the reign of Marcus Aurelius the Prefect of  will be one Lucius Artorius Castus.
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Antoninus' legislation included protections for slaves,freedmen, and for illegitimate children and further defined family andinheritance law, including consideration of a daughter's wishes in marriagearrangements.In preparation for the succession, Antoninus' daughter Faustina married in A.D.

Marcus Aurelius and Faustina II (Mars and Venus)

Family tomb of Aurelius Marcus
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This includes Claudius, #4, Marcus Aurelius, #14, Diocletian, #33, Gratian, #40, Arcadius, #43, Honorius, #44, Theodosius II, #45, Marcian, #46, and Maurice, #54.

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There is a possible connection, since the Ossetians are descendants of the , and Marcus Aurelius had settled a tribe of Sarmatians, the Iazyges, cousins of the Alans, whom he had defeated in 175 and taken into Roman service, in the north of Britain, where many of them ended up at the evocatively named , south of Lancaster.

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And so in practical terms she perpetuates the Western, Latin bias in which Mediaeval Romania and its culture has somehow just disappeared from history, as Civilization presumably jumps from Marcus Aurelius directly to , who must have been reading Homer on unavailable Egyptian papyri.