The real reason why school shootings have proliferated ..

When we published , depicting the occult map of the six school shootings and then tied those shootings in with elevated levels of HAARP, we received some skeptical emails. People just could not, would not, or did not want, to believe that the human mind could be so manipulated. And, I completely understand their reluctance to so believe; they did not want the terror of thinking that they could be controlled by leaders hostile to their well-being. People in the Nazi era similarly reacted to overwhelming evidence that Hitler was achieving dictatorial power and that he was deadly serious in his published threats [in Mein Kampf ] to murder Jews, Christians, and others.

and this psychosis was the real reason behind the shooting at Columbine
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Going into a school or office or mall and blasting your fellow citizens to death communicates something else that we should also take notice of. In a world in which most of us live relatively isolated lives from our neighbors and families; in which we have little say or power to change the way our massive, nationalized society operates; in which we feel fortunate just to have a job to pay the bills; in which most of us passively watch world events unfold like a movie or football game; in such a world as this, taking a gun and shooting into society is a clear expression of impotence trying, trying to break through to some reality beyond what, for many, is a stifling vacuum chamber of everyday life. Are we ready to admit that life in the modern, post-industrial world is extreme in many ways and a great hardship for many millions of people? Is it any wonder that some of them, predisposed for whatever reasons, will act out in bloody horrible ways?

The Real Reason Why School Shootings ..

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Many students and faculty don’t really think too much about school being a dangerous place; however, after a couple of school shootings had taken place their minds and thoughts may have changed completely.