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Advances inengineering and science education,drawing onan historical Indian endowment in mathematics, the exposure of large numbers of Indiansseeking higher education in the USA to the latest information technology, and theemergence of a thriving entrepreneurial business culture in India, prepared the ground forthe country’s active participation in the Information Revolution.

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At the same time, the article argues that counter-revisionists like Bryant are correct in their belief that military modernization was proceeding more quickly in Europe than that in Asia, which may indicate that the counter-revisionists are correct on a basic point: there was an early divergence between the west and the rest of Eurasia.

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While people of almost all political and intellectual leanings agreed on the need for rapid modernization, there ..
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Until recently, many Western academics accepted the sociologists' "secularization thesis," which asserts that intellectual advance and economic modernization lead people and nations past a need for faith, to a more enlightened and more secular mode of life. Europe's ongoing and increasing contempt for organized religion has been their prime example, while the growth of Christianity in countries such as Nigeria and China have been dismissed as a primitive stop on the road toward a godless society.

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In contrast,the software revolution was the result of initiatives by individual entrepreneurialpioneers which were not planned by government and were not part of a conscious nationalstrategy.

Industrialization, Urbanization, and Immigration

But the most important force behind imperialism was money. The Industrial Revolution changed Europe from a consumer of manufactured goods to a producer, and Europe's factories needed places to sell their products. One Englishman said, "There are 40 million naked people [in Africa], and the cotton spinners of Manchester are waiting to clothe them." Colonies provided Europe's factories with new markets for manufactured goods,

Business and industrialization centered on the cities

The article concludes that the revisionists are correct in their belief that Asian societies were undergoing rapid changes in military technology and practices along the lines of those taking place in western Europe and that the standard model Bryant defends is incorrect because it presumes that Asian societies are more stagnant than is warranted by the evidence.

and drawing immigrants from Europe to the United States.

First, it argues that recent work in Asian history points to what we can call a Chinese Military Revolution, which compels us to place the European Military Revolution in a larger, Eurasian context: not just western European but also East Asian societies were undergoing rapid military change and modernization during the gunpowder age.