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A small income tax on high incomes is made legal.
1913:- Henry Ford introduces the moving assembly line.
1914:- The Clayton Antitrust Act is passed.
1917:- The Food and Fuel Control Act is passed, which bans production of distilled spirits for the duration of war.
1917:- The 18th Amendment passes the plan for prohibition, which is repealed in the 21st Amendment, in 1933.
1932:- The Norris La Guardia Act for labor unions is passed.
1932:- A general agreement that the Progressive Era is over.

He was the progressive reforms mayor of Toledo, Ohio at the turn of the twentieth century.

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Coined as the 'Progressive Era', this was also a time of great reforms in the U.S.

Women became the driving force of the reform/progressive era, some say due to their maternal role in society, but nevertheless they help orchestrated the movement that transformed the character of society and the nature of American politics.

Tumult and Tragedy, The Progressive Era

Political cartoon published during the Progressive Era that ran in a local Finnish-language labor newspaper lampooning the use of child labor in factories.

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Basically, for Wilson, thepurpose of federal gov't was to eliminate special privileges and artificialbarriers (such as trusts) to individual progress