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I think there lots—there are people watching today with their mouths hanging open, people that own companies, people that are in charge of organizations that thought that auditing companies would come in and find some of their problems.
I can remember sitting as a board of county commissioners, our auditing company, I expected that if there was any irregularities in any of the units, for them to let us know that.

Dick, that you were able to make the decision and if somebody in the quality review department or back in Chicago, if you didn't want to consult them, you didn't have to.
Now my colleagues will remember that, pretty much on a party-line vote, we rejected the idea of solving what I call the Arthur Andersen problem and requiring that all accounting firms have the quality review department sign off on publicly traded corporations audits.

and the series of accounting scandals that ..

Bernie Ebbers, and if you don't want to make evaluations about underwriting, let me just ask you, in terms of the decision-making process for the short-term gain of running up stock prices by those who are in corporate governance, and doing so by managing earnings, by adjusting the accounts, do you think—do you think that this is driven, part of this problem, by the desire to show stable earning growth?
Is that driven, this tendency to make journal entries and push 3.9 billion out of expenses and capitalize that so that that can be shown on the income statement?

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Attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants have submitted a new proposed settlement to the court in the long-running Northeast dairy antitrust case. This settlement is nearly identical to the one rejected earlier this year by presiding judge Christina Reiss. Expect more fireworks.

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Pete Hardin blasts leaders of the U.S. dairy industry for worrying about animal rights’ activists’ clap-trap over issues such as tail-docking. Hardin also reports that dairy has failed to address animal health problems – such as Johne’s Disease, recombinant bovine growth hormone, and bovine leucosis. Those items entail human health concerns, which should be addressed.

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Pete Hardin looks at the marketing success and health claims associated with “A2 Milk” – the genetic variant detailed by Paris Reidhead in the May 2013 issue of The Milkweed. Hardin contrasts the health-based marketing aspects of A2 milk, with the idiocy here in the U.S. that finds dairy’s two major trade associations promoting policies to put “non-nutritive sweeteners” (like Aspartame/NutraSweet) into more than a dozen dairy products with no front-panel notice. We project that A2 milk – which is not commercially marketed at this time in the U.S. – could be a great opportunity for small and medium size dairy processors and producer-handlers.

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Green Bay businessman Bob Wolter recently helped lead a dairy trade mission to Cuba. Bob answers questions about the problems and opportunities he saw in that neighboring island nation.

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On January 19, A stunning decision was issued by Judge Anthony W. Ishii in the long-running cash involving milk powder price misreporting that dates back to 2006 and 2007. Judge Ishii restored California Dairies, Inc. as a defendant. And Judge Ishii opened the doors wide for plaintiffs’ attorneys to elevate the case to a RICO matter. RICO is a body of federal law that allows victims of mafia-like extortions to recover triple damages and legal fees.