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Additional explanatory material relating to the firm's record of commercializing its prior SBIR or STTR projects may be included in the Commercialization Track Record Narrative section of the Company Commercialization Report. Examples of the additional information include: commercialization successes ingovernment or private sector markets that are not fully captured in the quantitative results (e.g. commercialization resulting from your firm's prior Phase I projects); any mitigating factors that could account for low commercialization; and recent changes in the firm's organization or personnel designed to increase the firm's commercialization success.

an emerging life sciences company focused on the commercialization of a cure for brain cancer.
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With the increasing rise in production cost and dwindling circulation, the media houses resort to all kinds of tricks including commercialization of the news to make money (Oso, 2000).

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commercialization of the extraordinary patented SAMs technology." Morgan Hill:Alien Technology"...
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The granting councils currently provide direct support for commercialization through a number of initiatives, including the tri-council Intellectual Property Management Program, and funding for pre-commercial development. Combined council spending on these programs currently amounts to about $10 million per annum. To help accelerate the commercialization of university-based research, the granting councils are expected to triple their annual investments in programs directly supporting commercialization over the next three years.

Monsanto is an agricultural company

If, after completion of Phase I, the contractor is awarded a Phase II contract, the contractor shall be required to periodically update the following commercialization results of the Phase II project through the Web site at :

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supplier of dynamic reactive power grid stabilization products and the world's principal vendor of high temperature superconductor (HTS) wire and large rotating superconductor machinery."Westwood:Nano-C"...

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Each Military Department (Army, Navy, and Air Force) has established a Commercialization Readiness Program. Additionally, each Department has developed criteria and processes to identify projects with the potential for rapid transition to Phase III and that are expected to meet high priority needs of their Department. A project's inclusion in the CRP is by invitation and at the discretion of the Departments. CRP participants may receive a variety of assistance services and/or opportunities to facilitate the transition of their projects. Participation in the CRP may also include modifications to existing Phase II contracts with additional non-SBIR funding, as well as additional SBIR funding beyond the normal SBIR funding guidelines, to enhance ongoing projects with expanded research, development, test, or evaluation to accelerate transition and commercialization. Additional reporting on CRP participants and results achieved is required.

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The SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Act of 2011 establishes the Commercialization Pilot Program (CPP) as a long-term program titled the Commercialization Readiness Program (CRP).