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Let us see the ramifications of geography now put in place in the Middle East. Having failed to capitalize on ISIS territorial reach by expanding Kurd territory, there will be no obstacles to building pipelines from the largest gas field shared by Iran and Qatar over Iraq, avoiding any Kurd-held areas, accross Syria and into Turkey. There it will meet with the gas pileline infrastructure already being built by Turkish-Russian Turkish Stream. Gas from Russia is already flowing into Turkey via Blue Stream, and other pilelines from Azerbaijan.

October 24, 2007 - on teachers, censorship, and banned books

It’s very disappointing when you see someone of McMaster’s calibre taking dictation from the child dictator of Saudi Arabia- who in his turn is being handed his scripts (in crayon one assumes) directly from Tel Aviv.

August 2006 - on Paris, writing, food, and friendship

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, Malcolm (Mal) - passed away peacefully after a brief stay in Lions Gate Hospital. He is survived and will be dearly missed by his wife Bernice, daughter Sandy, son Tom, daughter in law Diana, grandchildren, Christina, Kimberly, Brad and Kathryn, great grandchildren, Drew and Addison, niece Donna, nephew Grant and extended family and close friends. Mal was born in Calgary and moved to B.C. as a young man. He was a veteran of the Canadian Navy during the second world war, a member of the Masonic Lodge for 61 years, most recently with the Lynn Valley Lodge in North Vancouver. He retired following a 36 year career with B.C. Telephone (Telus). In 2013 Mal received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal honouring significant contributions and achievements by Canadians. Mal will be remembered as a caring and thoughtful husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather as well as a person who would quickly lend a hand to help friends and neighbours. His love of the water, boating, fishing and spending time at their cottage in Sechelt filled his retirement years. Special thanks to Dr. Paul Sugar and the nursing staff at Lions Gate Hospital who took such good care during his visit. A celebration of life will be held on Tuesday September 22nd at West Vancouver Yacht club at 2:00 PM. In lieu of flowers, a donation to CNIB or Family Services of the North Shore in Mal's name would be greatly appreciated. (The North Shore News 11 Sep 2015)

Life is a long road on a short journey.

And if US is weakening as it seems to be; we can expect even nuke wars from rulers of America; probably supported at least by Israel, Haus of Saud Jordan, Ukraine….

, Geoffrey Strickland, LCdr (p) (G), RCN - Died in Malta in 1977

Different people, but exact same US aims; which will not, i predict, ever change as long as the ideology from which these aims stem.
The aims are easily seen. No education nor much of an acumen needed to espy them:
1, To maintain forever the present structures of society and governance [to ensure that the THOUGHT that the ‘lowerkind’ never ever has a say who runs and how America is to be ran]
2, To grab by whatever means as much of the planet as possible

Truth Reality of Chinese Philosophy.

Google Trump’s interview with Howard Stern and tell me how he “derided” the Iraq war back then. And tell me how Trump’s Iran nuke deal stance before, during and after his nomination was forced upon him by the neocons. He is unpredictable but hardly in a good way. You’re the one who is uninformed or just too stubborn to face facts. Trump is a lousy president just like his predecessors and will only drive people back to the cookie cutter candidates of the past.

28-7-2016 · How to Write a Critique in Five Paragraphs.

Do not count on evangelicals. Today, they are all blaming Republican establishment for the loss of Senate seat in Alabama.
So, Republican Party will implide as it is fighting irs base. It will not help demicrats, who have nit dealt with Clinton control of the party yet. If his only achievement is to precipitate the erosion of both parties, and expose media as nothing more then scribes that elaborate their given political narratives, this is a massive achievement. And if Jerusalem changes the political map of Middle East, csn neicons pull back their fangs from US foreign policy — just a bit? There are laws of unintended consequences — and this us what wrecking balls do.