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Rupert Digby is a psychiatrist with an over-inflated ego.

Some original shakespearian language is used, but in a manner that is accessible to all. Read more about the play an order the script: .

Her father is Sir Richard Delightful a successful businessman.

Berry has been in trouble at a hunt ball and now needs psychiatric help.

The Kent Brothers series is a contemporary romance series set in a small southern Missouri town. It’s about three brothers—the oldest Wyatt, middle brother Brody, and youngest Ethan, who run their family’s construction company, passed down to them by their now retired father.

Most pass by but some seek to engage.

Owns and manages several auto repair shops in Hope and surrounding areas – Former boyfriend of Molly Burnett. They broke up in high school and she’s back in Hope for her sister’s wedding. Carter still has feelings for Molly and wants her to stay.

Oliver is an aspiring rapper who works at an Apple store.

Marketing and business specialist – Hasn’t been back to Hope since high school, and wants to get out of town as soon as possible because of the unpleasant memories of her past. But she still feels the pull toward Carter. Is it enough to make her want to stay?

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Actress – Used to everything fake in Hollywood, Des is blown away by the reality of Logan’s world, and how vast and expansive the ranch is. She likes the quiet rancher a lot. But Logan isn’t an easy man to get to know. Good thing Des doesn’t mind a little work in her romance, because she thinks Logan is worth it.

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Owns and runs the No Hope At All bar. Divorced, Bash likes the women, but has no intention of ever settling down again. He also likes Chelsea, but thinks her idea of a ‘perfect man’ is ludicrous. Still, he intends to show her that the he can find the right guy for her—even if that guy isn’t him.

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Carter Richards – Owns auto body and repair shops in Hope and surrounding communities. Friends with Luke. Former high school boyfriend of Emma’s younger sister, Molly.

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Logan McCormack – Luke’s older brother. Logan runs the L&M ranch, the family ranch, of which Luke is part owner. Logan is the hero of .