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As Paul Johnson says in his [HarperPerennial, 1987]:

On the one hand, following Voltaire, the rising European left began to see the Jews as obscurantist opponents to all human progress.

(The connection with John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’ Progress is enlightening and needs to be explored.)

But as regards those who hold in commendam, or by way of administration, or under any other title whatsoever, or have even united to their own churches, the places commonly called hospitals, or other pious places instituted especially for the use of pilgrims, of the infirm, the aged or the poor; or, if the parish churches should happen to be united to hospitals, or have been turned into hospitals, and have been granted to the patrons thereof to be by them administered, the Synod strictly commands, that they execute the charge and duty imposed upon them, and that they actually exercise that hospitality, which is due at their hands, out of the fruits devoted to that purpose, pursuant to the constitution of the Council of Vienne, renewed elsewhere by this same holy Synod under Paul III., of happy memory, and which begins, Quia contingit.

Mark Alexander: Pilgrims Regress — The Patriot Post

He injects drugs into the title character inan attempt to regress him back to his genetic origins.

While thePilgrims at Plymouth Rock have never caught on as a popular subject,the Western has thrived as our myth of nation-building--"How the WestWas Won.", whose 1929 version, starring Gary Cooper, is themost familiar, is a good example of the straight Western, with no irony,no questioning of the epic myth, and humor only of a fusty sort.