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I’m not sure of the reasoning behind the rather tiny grouping in this district, particularly when contrasted with the plethora of small schools battling against Laramie and Cheyenne in the other portion of District #2. A December article in the Casper paper mentioned just 8 schools: Casper, Glenrock, Douglas, Guernsey, Lusk, Lingle, Sunrise and Manville (and maybe Midwest, it speculated. Sunrise played in the #2-A playoffs, however, while Midwest opted to play in District #4.) There really was no district tourney in this area of the state, as Casper and Douglas were accorded the #1 and #2 seeds, respectively, by acclaim. Glenrock and Lusk had a best-of-three playoff in Douglas, for the third seed and the trip to Casper for State, with Glenrock winning the weather-plagued series in two. The reasoning behind the playoff escapes this scribe, as well, since Glenrock won both games over Lusk during the regular season. Other teams opted for the Eastern Central Wyoming Athletic Association tourney in Guernsey, rather than try their hand at District play. Most likely the expenses were just too much for a team to do both.

Mount Carmel High School is an all boys, Catholic high school in the city of Chicago

Today, many towns people toured the new Maynard High School (which is beautiful) but right at the entrance is the brick our class purchased. It's there for all to see forever. Pat and I were there together looking at it and it was a proud day for the class of 1959.


John Scott, who previously coached at three different Wyoming high schools, will be the new head football coach at Lander.

Glenrock Sheepherders***Gene Babcock
12/17 17 Chadron, NE 11 W
1/6 27 Douglas 11 W
1/8 30 at Midwest 31 L
1/9 20 Wheatland 13 W
1/15 20 at Lusk 17 W
1/29 24 at Douglas 18 W
1/30 16 Cheyenne 27 L
2/6 18 Lusk 24 L
2/10 18 Laramie 22 L
2/12 11 Casper Natrona 14 L
2/26? 21 at Casper Natrona 28 L
3/14 20 at Cheyenne 26 L
3/15 13 at Laramie 42 L
3/16 15 at Wheatland 18 L
East Central District at Douglas
3/3 26 Lingle 12 W
3/4 34 Lusk 18 W
3/5 18 Casper Natrona 20 ot L
State Tourney at Casper #4Platte River seed
3/23 28 Sundance 20 W
3/25 15 Lyman 25 L
3/26 13 at Casper Natrona 32 L
Record: 8-12 Pct: .400
Rat Droppings—Students at the high school were intent on changing the Sheepherder mascot to something a little more intimidating. Glenrock alums staged a letter-writing protest and the change did not occur.

Growing Pains is a Dom Com which ran on ABC from 1985 to 1992

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