Nola Pender's Contribution to Nursing Theory: Health Promotion Model

Very organized and concise presentation. I like how clearly you explain all of the points in the topic in a short period of time. Agree with you that health promotion is the first important step in disease prevention.

Health promotion model believes that life experiences affect their actions.
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Very professional presentation, Rachelle! It was good for me to review how many factors go into health promotion. I’m with you and Pender that health promotion is key to disease prevention. There are small moments of education opportunities that can be used promote health and really are a responsibility of nurses to seize the opportunities!

What Is the Health Promotion Model? - Definition & …

The Health Belief Model (HBM) is one of the first theories of health behavior.
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Thanks Sarah! We really do have to seize the opportunity as you point out. It is difficult when there’s only so much time in a shift but even if we can provide literatue to the patient to get them thinking about how lifestyles changes can impact their health and promote well being then it is worth it 🙂