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The story also mentions "pushbuttons" (known today as speed dialing) as the wave of the future, making connections possible by a mere press of a button.

The first transcontinental telephone call occurred on January 25, 1915, between New York and San Francisco and it was reported in The Times on June 7, 1958, that The New York Telephone Company was planning to experiment with person-to-person dialing with Mid-Manhattan residents.

June 15, 1938: The New York Times predicts war is at hand ..
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"All the News That's Fit to Print: Adolph Ochs and The New York Times." (a publication of the Ohio Historical Society), 10, no 1 (Jan./Feb.1993). "150th Anniversary 1851-2001: From The Newspaper To The Information Age" (A special section published November 14, 2001).

March 6, 1967: The New York Times is the first major ..

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According to Edwin Diamond, author of "Behind the Times", the publisher of The Times, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., was a "Westway enthusiast." Schanberg left The Times and joined New York Newsday as a columnist in 1986 when attempts were made to have him re-assigned.

After a string of legal battles between the state and environmental groups concerned about the potential danger such a project would cause to the Hudson, the U.S.