Technology can be viewed as an activity that forms or changes culture

Mr. Torgovnik is Chief Information Officer. Mr. Torgovnik is responsible for the Firm’s technology infrastructure, operations and middle office functions. Prior to joining Millennium, he was at Bank of America where he was most recently Managing Director and CIO of the Consumer Technology & Operations, Home Loans & Insurance Technology Group, overseeing the largest technology infrastructure within the bank. In addition, he previously held various CIO positions within both the investment and commercial bank. In 2006, he was recognized as the Capital Markets CIO of the Year by Bankers Magazine. From 1992-2001, Mr. Torgovnik was with JP Morgan in a variety of technology roles within their Fixed Income Derivatives business including Global Head of Fixed Income Derivatives Technology and Founder and President of a JP Morgan derivatives technology spin-out. He holds an MS in Computer Science from Columbia University and a BS in Math and Computer Science from New York University.

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Developed by MillenniumIT, the Group’s technology business, the new Ticker Plant will deliver exceptional levels of performance, scalability, product resiliency and a rich suite of real time market data services.

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Never before have technological advances had so great an impact on security—not only increasing the nature and level of threats, but also for the possibility of providing the means to address the threats. Technologies that could increase security include ubiquitous and omnipresent surveillance systems, the use of new algorithms for big data, improving bio- and psycho-metrics, and artificial intelligence and robotics. Yet trustworthy and reliable partners and an active and alert society remain sine qua non to reduce terrorism.