What other types of language discrimination are prohibitedby law?

Hear howOaklandmet the challenge by engaging a wide group of stakeholders andintegratingprogressive functional needs access frameworks into all aspects of itsemergency management planning and response programs.

What should you do if you think you may have been subjected to languagediscrimination?
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Alpine resort development assessments are governed by the State Environmental Planning Policy (Kosciuszko National Park-Alpine Resorts) 2007 (the Alpine SEPP).

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Thisarticle provides a world wide perspective to language policy for political power.
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This Language-in-Education PolicyDocument is seen as part of a continuous process by which policy for language in education isbeing developed as part of a national language plan encompassing all sectors of society,including the deaf community.

20 Year Strategy for the Irish Language; Policy on ..

Theobjectives of the Consortium are to enhance the quality of research, teaching, andinformation dissemination on the subject of language policy formation and study; tostrengthen similarly-oriented programs of its member institutions, and to foster dialogueon the process of language policy formation in situations of ethnic and linguistic conflict inthe modern world.

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NCES studies cover the entireeducational spectrum, providing the facts and figures needed to help policymakersunderstand the condition of education in the nation today, to give researchers a foundation ofdata to build upon, and to help teachers and administrators decide on best practices for theirschools.

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Though it did not have an assured dominance over the other languagesin India, Hindi seemed the clearest choice from the beginning. English,despite its prominence and somewhat even distribution throughout the nation,was unacceptable for several reasons. As the language of the colonial powerwhich had just been ousted, English was to many a "symbol of slavery"(Nayar 1967, p.12). According to Ralph Fasold (1988, p. 182), "theformer colonial language is an absolutely atrocious choice as a nationallanguage. Nothing could be a worse symbol of a new nation's self-awarenessthan the language of a country from which it had just achieved independence."More importantly, a foreign tongue such as English would not contributeto the national identity in the way that an indigenous one could (see T15.E1).

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Building regulation and certification are important parts of the planning system in New South Wales.

The planning system supports sustainable development and seeks to ensure that buildings are safe and that they meet the performance expectations of the community both at the time of their construction and throughout their effective lives.