The origin of life occurred only once on Earth.8.

Efforts are under way to find, as well as to theoretically predict, the minimal complexity of a living organism, and these results will also inform origin-of-life research.

One of the frustrations reviewing a book one finds fault with is suppressing the desire to mention all its errors, or worse attempting to correct them.

Darwinian evolution requires replication, and prior to the origin of life there was no replication.

Thus, it is thermodynamically possible to develop complex living forms,assuming the energy flow through the system can somehow be effective inorganizing the simple chemicals into the complex arrangements associatedwith life.

In existing living systems, the coupling of the energy flow to the organizing"work" occurs through the metabolic motor of DNA, enzymes, etc.

Second, they wished to set out their model of the origin of life.

The origin of the metabolic motor (DNA,enzymes, etc.) itself, however, is more difficult to explain thermodynamically,since a mechanism of coupling the energy flow to the organizing work isunknown for prebiological systems.

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Peter Molton has defined life as "regions of order which use energyto maintain their organization against the disruptive force of entropy."1In Chapter 7 it has been shown that energy and/or mass flow through a systemcan constrain it far from equilibrium, resulting in an increase in order.

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The creationists' current favorite scientists to quote-mine on the origin of life are Robert Shapiro (a creationist's favorite since his 1986 book), Peter Ward (paydirt from the 2000 book co-written with Donald Brownlee), and Hubert Yockey (possibly the mother lode, with half a dozen citations).

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While the origin of living systems involves more than the genesis of enzymesand DNA, these components are essential to any system if replication isto occur.

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All this before the end of chapter 1.

More importantly, the "RTB Model" predictions offered by Rana and Ross are not and cannot be differentiated from the predictions of modern origin-of-life research when they are testable at all.

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This being the case, the formation of aDNA/enzyme system by processes other than natural selection is a necessary(though not sufficient) part of a naturalistic explanation for the originof life.

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[NOTE: A sufficient explanation for the origin of life wouldalso require a model for the formation of other critical cellular components,including membranes, and their assembly].