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The ear tends to combine the sound within critical bandwidths, which are about 1/6 wide (historically thought to be 1/3 octave). This has led to the practice of averaging frequency response over 1/3 octave bands to produce beautiful-looking frequency response curves. In my opinion this is misleading. Suppose a loudspeaker has a bad dropout (very weak response) over a narrow frequency range; the dropout will be totally obscured by averaging. But when a musical instrument plays a note that just happens to fall in the dropout notch, you will not be able to hear the note. See the example of a (28.2 kb) vs. a (24.5 kb) from my final system measurements section. Since we can barely hear a 2-dB difference in sound level, it is reasonable to accept ±2 dB as an excellent level of performance for frequency response. In fact this is impossible to achieve in the real world, due to room acoustics. (see the section on ). Personally I would say a more-or-less practical goal for a sound system installed in a room is a frequency response ±5 dB from 200-20,000 Hz, and maybe ±10 dB from 10-200 Hz. It is also worth noting that the ear itself has a quite variable frequency response, as shown by measured data on , and as discussed in the next section.

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This joyful album includes 6 Christian songs to praise God and celebrate His life in our hearts. With upbeat music and compelling vocals, this jubilant collection, personalized 18 times, will remain an inspirational experience forever.

1) He is Alive
2) I've Got The Joy
3) Hosanna
4) Praise Him
5) Books of the Bible
6) Hug Another Neck

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24/11/2014 · We all know that listening to music at high volumes is bad for our ears

This motivational album includes 6 Christian songs to praise God and emphasize the importance of faith and Christian values. With emotionally charged music and encouraging vocals, this magnificent collection, personalized 44 times, will remain an inspirational experience forever.

1) River of Life
2) Faith
3) How 'Bout You
4) I'm a Soldier
5) In the Lord's Army
6) Father I Adore You

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This spirited album includes 6 Christian songs to praise God and reciprocate His goodness and joy unto others. With encouraging music and breathtaking vocals, this divine collection, personalized 34 times, will remain an inspirational experience forever.

1) The Spirit of the Lord
2) Righteousness, Peace, and Joy
3) One in the Spirit
4) I've Been Redeemed
5) Saved and You Know It
6) My Father

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These days, I crave more silence than ever. But stillness takes practice as the force of life pulls us along. It’s uncomfortable at first. When I’m quiet, things float up to the surface from the shadow places in my heart that I haven’t wanted to deal with. But after a time, I can tune my ears to hear the still, small whisper of God. In silence, prayer comes up as wordless petitions and attentive expectation. In this, we affirm that prayer is a two-way conversation. Silence is the waiting posture that helps us to be poised ...