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The aesthete is an immoralist....He [D'Albert, a character in the novel] says, "It is a real torture to me to see ugly things or ugly persons."....Here are the origins of Wilde's aesthetic, with its arrogant exclusiveness.

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Kant's views may be the most strikingly contrasted with those of -- a philosopher who not only gave aesthetics an essential place in his system, in Book Three of -- the treatment of morality and religion in Book Four -- but attributed to aesthetic value a reality and a central position in human life that is almost unique in the history of philosophy.

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Perhaps the greatest problem with realism in internationalrelations is that it has a tendency to slip into its extreme version,which accepts any policy that can benefit the state at the expense ofother states, no matter how morally problematic the policy is. Even ifthey do not explicitly raise ethical questions, in the works of Waltzand of many other of today’s neorealists, a double ethics ispresupposed, and words such realpolitik no longer have thenegative connotations that they had for classical realists, such asHans Morgenthau.

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Machiavellianism is a radical type of political realismthat is applied to both domestic and international affairs. It is adoctrine which denies the relevance of morality in politics, and claimsthat all means (moral and immoral) are justified to achieve certainpolitical ends. Although Machiavelli never uses the phrase ragionedi stato or its French equivalent, raisond’état, what ultimately counts for him is preciselythat: whatever is good for the state, rather than ethical scruples ornorms

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Fundamental issues in moral philosophy must also be settled apriori because of the nature of moral requirements themselves, orso Kant thought. This is a third reason he gives for an a priorimethod, and it appears to have been of great importance to Kant:Moral requirements present themselves as being unconditionallynecessary. But an a posteriori method seems ill-suitedto discovering and establishing what we must do whether wefeel like doing it or not; surely such a method could only tell uswhat we actually do. So an a posteriori method ofseeking out and establishing the principle that generates suchrequirements will not support the presentation of moral“oughts” as unconditional necessities. Kant argued thatempirical observations could only deliver conclusions about, forinstance, the relative advantages of moral behavior in variouscircumstances or how pleasing it might be in our own eyes or the eyesof others. Such findings clearly would not support the unconditionalnecessity of moral requirements. To appeal to a posterioriconsiderations would thus result in a tainted conception of moralrequirements. It would view them as demands for which compliance isnot unconditionally necessary, but rather necessary only if additionalconsiderations show it to be advantageous, optimific or in some otherway felicitous. Thus, Kant argued that if moral philosophy is to guardagainst undermining the unconditional necessity of obligation in itsanalysis and defense of moral thought, it must be carried out entirelya priori.

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Indeed, this would really only be trumped by , who may be said to have retained Schopenhauer as a starting point, while dropping all the moral and religious considerations of Book Four.