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This was the core of Theodore Roosevelt's leadership. He boiled everything down to a case of right versus wrong and good versus bad. If a trust controlled an entire industry but provided good service at reasonable rates, it was a "good" trust to be left alone. Only the "bad" trusts that jacked up rates and exploited consumers would come under attack. Who would decide the difference between right and wrong? The occupant of the White House trusted only himself to make this decision in the interests of the people.

A political cartoon from 1907 conflates Teddy Roosevelt’s penchants for hunting and trust-busting.

Activists are proposing common sense solutions to limit corporate power, and it has the capitalists shaking in their wingtips. One proposal is that if a corporation does something truly reprehensible (as most of the 500 has), the government has the power to revoke its charter, dissolving the corporation, distributing its assets to the injured and society at large, and the world has one less rapacious corporation. That may get the attention of shareholders and the nature of their societal responsibilities. , but are another artificial aspect of corporations. The sacredness of profits sanctifies being . Other activist proposals are: banning political advertising on television, , which would be welcome to everybody in America, except those who own the politicians; stripping corporations of those superhuman rights; trust busting the , breaking up its corporate ownership; and others. The and subsequent scandals have made those “outlandish” solutions seem far more realistic, although cannot be counted on to lead the effort, or even help it much. They may be virtually forced to ratify the inevitable, but they are far greater obstacles to needed change than leaders of it. They sold their souls a long time ago, and many of them do not even realize it.

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One of the most effectively implemented pieces of the Progressive agenda was trust busting