Aborigines were neither consulted nor given a choice.

So, it can be reasonably construed that Tiga“has beenknown” to abuse Aboriginal women.(I'll have to do a little bit more of what’scalled, research on this issue)Fair enough, but why take it out on co-hostAmy.?

From the European point of view, Aboriginal people did not really 'own' the land.

With millions of dollars freely and generously distributed for these events byGovernment and courtesy of Whitefella Aussies that go to work each day to keepthe remnant of traditional Aboriginal Culture alive and kicking.

Theseimplications were reflected by Levin (1998), who wrote:

At Myall Creek the Aborigines who were massacred had not been involved in sheep stealing.

And according to the AVI includingpeople like Tiga Bayles and many Prominent so called AboriginalAcademics and or Educators, we have not only gone Nowhere in Education we haveactually Regressed.

And We (Aboriginal?) Australians Truly are TheLucky People.!

These Visitors can also come under the umbrella of "extended family"(and like termites can be a problem to get rid of) But the house-holders areexpected to put up with these minor inconveniences because they, we, are"Aborigines".

And on Behalf of the Aboriginal and Islander People ofAustralia.!

To maintain employmentcredibility, to create access to further funding, to Confirm, Encourage and toPerpetuate, in their Ignorance, the Victim Status and Mentality of Aboriginaland Islander People.

Would the AboriginalPeople that reject Sovereignty become Stateless.?

As Homer's mate Carl said, “Alcohol is the Best Antidote forResponsibility”.!There have been HealthCampaigns and Education Initiatives Galore over a lot of years, both State andFederal, to combat the abuse of alcohol by Aboriginal People and the problemscaused by it.

I had no doubt why they were there, who for and what the message was.

Walk down any street, go to any park or river bank whereAboriginal People gather to drink and explain that the government wants them tostop drinking grog and to stop smoking cigarettes to, “Close the Gap”, and theywill tell you in no uncertain terms, that the government can, Get Fucked.!

Us Aboriginalpeople are the most uncaring and Indifferent.!

The AVIs preferred and public view and stance on whyAboriginal people drink and abuse alcohol is, that it is the “Direct Result ofColonisation and Dispossession”.

It was Aboriginal people that had the problem with Colour.

If an Aboriginal accepted the commission of an Academic education orqualification in the name and in the cause of "Helping My People" tocombat and to oppose the dominance of the enemy, the “White Academic” or“Dominant society” (The danger in this of course is that we end up withAcademics with a One Dimensional Perspective and misguided agendas) even in theface of irrefutable opposing evidence, would the Aboriginal Academicdeliberately mislead if they represent Aboriginal interests against a miningcompany.?