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In post-9/11 America, white people might begin developing comprehension of what North America's natives were facing back then. History has shown that cultures unravel when subjected to catastrophes that kill off large fractions of the population, such as what the in the 1340s. Although and gang bit the hand that fed them, nobody seriously thinks that waves of Islamic settlers will come across the oceans to invade and exterminate Americans; Native Americans faced just that, except from Christians. By the American Revolution, the natives of Eastern North America clearly saw the trends; many eastern tribes were already extinct, and an inexorable march westward by the white invaders destroyed everything in its path in the name of “progress.” Not only were the forests, creatures, and natives disappearing under the boots and axes of the white juggernaut, but also there was active, exterminatory hatred directed at the natives from the very beginning of the white invasion…and it was successful. Invasion, disease, and environmental devastation were inflicted in never-ending waves upon the natives. was perhaps the first North American native to begin to understand, but he was far from the last. The sages clearly saw the disintegration of Native American culture, and as they were violently dispersed from their homelands they influenced many inland tribes, and ’s Ottawa tribe among them. Pontiac’s efforts influenced Tecumseh’s, and the confederacy that the during the American Revolution.

A slow death has something comforting about it
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In Syria, which was of primary importancebecause in 66i the khalif with his court and government settled inDamascus where they remained for more than eighty years, the Arabsfound themselves rulers of an area which had been a Roman provincesubject to the fully developed Roman law and with a highly organizedadministration. This they took over as it was. Any Roman officials whowished to remain under Roman rule were given every facility to removeto some part which still remained Roman. Many did so remove, but manyothers were content to live under Arab rule, and of these numbers roseto high office and dignity in the Muslim state. For the first twentyyears or more the records continued to be kept in Greek, and the civilservice was almost exclusively Christian. There already were a numberof Arab tribes settled along the border, they had been subsidized bythe Byzantine government as defenders of the frontier, and these wereChristians. As old established settlers they had become wealthyandconsidered themselves socially superior to the Muslim invaders, poorhungry nomads of the desert, and had no hesitation in assertingthemselves, the Muslim Arabs admitting their claims to aristocraticstatus. Some of the ruling dynasty married women of these Christiantribes, and that was rather resented by the Muslims. Under the khalif'Abd al-Malik (685-705) there was a good deal of jealousy because theChristians had a monopoly of all the posts in the civil administration,and the khalif tried to employ Arabs in their place. But the change wasnot successful, the Arabs did not understand the details of businessand the Christian officials had to be restored. This is easy tounderstand because the oriental practice is, not to draw up accounts sothat an outside auditor can understand and check them, but to keep themin such a way that nobody but the established officials can possiblyunderstand them: it is done deliberately so that the establishedofficials may keep the business in their own hands and secure apermanent monopoly. The most that 'Abd al-Malik could do was to get therecords kept in Arabic instead of Greek, and to use Arabic on thecoinage. Bishop Arculf of Gaul made a tour of the Holy Land about 700and speaks with much appreciation of the hospitable way he was receivedby the Muslim rulers, the freedom with which he was allowed to travelabout, and the generally friendly attitude of the Arabs and theirrulers. Until the days of the Crusades Syria and Egypt were practicallyChristian lands under the rule of the Muslim Arabs, their rule mainlyconfined to the collection of taxes, and that they did very thoroughly.

How Greek Science Passed to the Arabs

Rerevisionist's Articles on Jews
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vindicate before you to-day the words of truth, of honesty, and of right, and to show you the gross inconsistencies of the South in this regard. I came from the First Congressional District of the State of Georgia. I represent the African slave-trade interests of that section. (Applause.) I am proud of the position I occupy in that respect. I believe that the African slave-trader is a true missionary, and a true Christian. (Applause.)