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Sadly, AA is not about being around people you can relate to in comfortable environment. It’s an emotionally unhealthy, mind controlling cult. Many of us could never “honestly” relate to the the so called Program, not matter how hard we tried. I had so much anxiety when I was attending meetings that I would talk to myself on the way home into the next day. Fortunately, we have forums like this for those of us who have figured that out.

the AA group I am going to nite has a free pot luck dinner, I go to the ones what have free stuff
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Sounds familiar. I’ve been suffering from depression caused by many life factors and had to be hospitalized three times in last year as a result. In the rooms of AA I was questioned by many about what I must be doing wrong, because surely I wouldn’t be having all these problems if I would just attend a daily meeting, read the Big Book, and work the steps. I guess my depression couldn’t have been caused by the loss of loved ones, a divorce after 29 years, or difficulty finding work, all occurring recently, not in the world of AA anyways. That mentality along with so many other factors woke me up and I am so thankful I left their program. Ironically, my depression has gotten better since I left their boring, negative, self-defeating meetings.

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I honestly have no idea where I would be if this site and the other sites and forums around non-AA didn’t exist.
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I left AA the day I was sober enough to realize that the man talking about losing his wife and child to alcohol, had lost that wife over 40 years ago! He was whining about a wife who had remarried and had several more children and a “child” who was now over 40 and do we really care what other adults think of us? But the Man had not moved on. He was still whining. Never attempted to remarry. Just lived in the past.

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I hope you didn’t take my comment wrong. I give you kudos for looking past all the harm (lies), crap, bullying, degrading comments, powerlessness and see that some people actually are civil human beings with a conscience whom actually benefited from this program. I see the ugly side, I live(d) it and take calls from raped victims etc. I went in sober with an independently functioning brain and have had and seen nothing but the worse side of this program. I will never be able to see any positive, because once you lie to me to prove your case-you and your program has lost all credibility with me. The individuals who call or write me for help are consistent with their stories and the destruction and harm AA has done to them. I believe them, because I lived it. I have heard the lies from GSO themselves down to my x group to the Pastor. A lie negates ones credibility or existence with me. I’m too busy to that them walk away with any of my peace or part of me. Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining!!

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Great to see you here. I too have deprogrammed although I was not such a true believing koolaid drinking fool the last 3 years. But I see things in loved ones around me that the AA rhetoric gets in our psyche and the voices of put downs keep a coming. I think it was helpful for me to attend some Smart Recovery Meetings and to read other books that were healthier then AA.

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One man came up to me at the end and asked to speak to me outside. I am not sure why it had to be outside, probably something to do with power. (I have to be honest in this, and I never felt physically threatened – I do not want to paint an inaccurate picture of the situation, even if it would bolster my argument – I have been committed to the truth from the outset of this research.) He told me I needed to look at step 2, which is code for, you need to find God. I told him I had come to A.A. to get sober, not to find God. He informed me it was part of the program, to which I replied, ‘and if I don’t work the program I will drink, right?’ He nodded. I then added, ‘and if I drink I will die?’ He nodded. I ended the conversation with this…