A discussion of livestock disease and african food security

RVF has major impacts on poverty and wellbeing. Pastoralists in particular are affected as they are dependent on their animals for their food and income. RVF is also a trade-sensitive disease as livestock trade bans usually follow an outbreak. The 2006/7 RVF epidemic was estimated to have cost the Kenyan economy US$32 million.

Causes of Food Insecurity in African and Other Third World Countries

AIDS. The disease which is a serious public health concern in the sub-Saharan Africa worsens food insecurity in two ways. Firstly, it reduces the available workforce in agriculture and secondly, it puts an additional burden on poor households.

The negative impact of livestock disease african food security

Livestock research for Africa’s food security and poverty reduction ..

The majority of the severest food crises after the second half of the 20th century were caused by a combination of several factors. The most common causes of food insecurity in African and other Third World countries were: