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When their mother, Glynn Chertoff, died a few years ago, they had to relinquish the Upper West Side apartment (it was one of those long-term rent-controlled New York situations, I gather). Larry and Nina realized they had to do something to preserve the mural or else it would just be painted over rental beige for the next tenants and the only surviving mural by Maurice Sendak would be lost forever. So they contacted the in Philadelphia, the museum chosen by Sendak himself to host a massive archive of 10,000 pieces of his art and writings, and the owners of the apartment building to see what could be done.

Paulsen didn’t have actual family life, till the age of seven

After school, he worked at All-American Comics, drawing background details for the comic strip.The summer of 1946 to the summer of 1948 were the happiest two years in Sendak's young life.

In a nutshell, The Art of Maurice Sendak is simply stunning

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Some accounts of his life can be collected in chunks and pieces in Guts: The true stories given in Hatchets and The Brian Books. Gary Paulsen had a narrow escape, he wrote that while strolling one day he reached the edge of the Dam wall and fortunately saved. Paulsen created most of his stories, based on his life experiences. Eastern Sun, Winter Moon, An autobiographical odyssey portrayed some very shocking and appalling sides of his life. The Quilt, a much known book by Paulsen contained many memorable moments of his life. In this book he tells about his golden days in his grandmother’s house when he was six years old.