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Weak Life Line Negative: I’m susceptible to burn out when I do too much (too much is defined by you, not the world); feeling out of balance and depleted.

The story of “The Goatman” has a number of variations, as with most urban legends.

I brought up a report I had to prepare about a local urban legend and my desire to find someone who knew a tale of the “Goatman,” a famous figure in folklore.

Scary Urban Legends: Creepiest Urban Legend in ..

To support this theory many urban legends are brought up that show the “dark side” of the American culture.

The Figure below shows proof that the length of the Life Line does not indicate the length of life. This client died around age fifty-five. Her Life Line was long, well carved, and without damage or weakness of any kind, and the round curvature of the line shows robustness. When I printed her hands in 2005 she was healthy, active, enthusiastic, fully engaged with life, and quite bubbly. Later that year she entered the hospital for stomach pains. She was kept in the hospital for further testing and was soon diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in her stomach. She died within two weeks.