The ways God has dealt with His people are scorned:

Unfortunately, when I went to Wikipedia to look up the climate information for my new home, I found two serious downers: a) their 'average highs/lows' are now based on NOAA data using a 1971-2000 baseline (hardly representative of the historical averages), and their other source is the Weather Channel – which, as we all know, lies; and b) they have scrubbed the 'year record was set' from all their record highs and lows (!!!)

When the Crowell company was quizzed about the matter some thirty yearslater, they replied:

A good article. I must thank who ever here in this group, had shared this website on health. I signed up for it. This article gives VAXXED credit.

W. C. White has aptly summarized the pioneers' view on this subject:

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I’ve lied several times I did this in reaction to being kicked and scratched up one day for no real reason. Now that I have lied throughout the years they now lie. I didn’t asked for any of the bullshit I guess what goes around comes around but honestly I never tried to shit on anyone. Now it seems I’ve been shited on never really asked for that now I already didnt trust but now I feel my life is in danger and of course I feel like im being used.

The horrible antihistamines are kicking in, so, to be continued…

The above statement clearly places the Bible as the standard and rule ofAdventist faith and practice. The writings of Ellen White must be judged by thatstandard.

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We can say unequivocally that the church has never considered Ellen White'swritings canonical and does not believe so today. We do affirm, on the otherhand, that she spoke by the same inspiration of the Holy Spirit as Bible writersdid. The pioneers spoke to this point repeatedly:

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Her inspiration is equal in [p. 8] to the inspiration of theBible, but the and of Ellen White's inspirationis different from that of the Bible. A parallel is found in Scripture. Theprophet Nathan was as fully inspired as King David, but Nathan's inspiration hada different function from David's. David's inspired writings became a part ofthe canon of Scripture. Nathan's inspiration did not result in any canonicalwritings.

I would definitely talk to a doctor about it.

One cannot make differences in the quality of inspiration becauseinspiration is either present or absent, so that various manifestations of itcannot be distinguished by degrees. The Holy Spirit was just as careful in thesuperintendence of Nathan's inspired messages as in David's writings, although,in harmony with the divine purpose, only the latter were incorporated into thecanon.

“It must be very very wearing” —

No, and neither did Ellen White claim "infallibility." Forexample, when she was criticized for stating the wrong number of rooms in asanitarium--40 instead of 38--she said: