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Conservatives are historically not about minority populations or the common person….so lets look at Conservative as opposed to Republican and Liberal as opposed to Democrats…
Historically in America neither party has been for minority people….however Conservatives were without doubt against people who were not European….Conservatives have always hidden behind the Bible or some other religious book to justify the brutality against those they conquered….and that includes Christianity who conquered the world for profit and then passed a bible as justification for the absolute raping and destruction of the indigenous populations.1980 The White Evangelicals left Jimmy Carter and supported Reagan because the IRS told them to integrate or lose the tax exempt status….the ost atrocities committed against Indians and African Americans was in the so called Bible Belt and other Conservative communities …nationwide again justified with a Bible.Your article is interesting but factually leaves out tones of factual history……and Bible information The entire Book of Acts is Socialist…and the original Church was socialist…Jesus told that Bloke in Luke 14 to sell all he owned and give the proceeds to the poor….in fact you had to give everything you owned to the Church to join and the Church distributed via a welfare system….Racism in the name of God is the Foundation of European Christianity since 325 AD…first in Europe and then throughout the world via the alleged AGE OF DISCOVERY” and the EMPIRE System.Today’s Republicans are essentially straight NAZIS hiding behind a bible and code words that they refuse to specifically define when challenged….that White Evangelicals would overwhelmingly vote for Candidates openly supported by the Klu Klux Klan speaks for itself…and the Klan uses the Bible as well….
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I also felt strongly that conservative/libertarian principles were more valuable than to be sold for a couple of magic beans in the form of a liberal, reality TV conman and that by at least educating conservatives to the coming disaster that I might play some very small part it trying to make sure it never happens again.For this stance I have been literally called every dirty name you can think of (and used a few myself in frustrated retaliation), and been accused of actively supporting Hillary for president.

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a) Liberals use only two of the five moral pillars that humans seem to share all around the planet, therefore a conservative is just a more complex being then a liberal.
b) Of all the 5 socio-politic groups (very liberal, liberal, moderates, conservative , very conservative) the only ones… the only ones… that cannot adequately represent the other groups point of view are the liberals and very liberals.
c) Others have identify that liberals are dominated by a larger ACC (anterior cingulated cortex) and amongst other things ACC is responsible for “Effort discounting”. Meaning, “if its difficult then I don’t want to do it”.

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Thus, in two important cases, we see the citizen, in body and home, in personal freedom and the property rights of small land owners, protected by the conservatives and stiffed by the "liberals." It was a season of disgrace for the so-called "liberals," whose true loyalty, to the state, is again revealed.

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Does the author realize that he is saying, in two of five, that liberals think more? In order to make someone a conservative, they have to be drunk and stressed? Hahaha