Sunday 6th September - 2009 National League Finals - Daventry

This weekend, we had pretty much a full squad to select from and competed in all weight classes, except the catchweight, although some of our members joined Sandhurst for this weight for a bit of extra training. We weighed into the 580 kilos weight class with 7 men, pulling well to beat Hanging Bridge first on by 2 ends to 1, then went through the rest of the competition only losing to Sandhurst who finished as eventual winners, leaving us as runners-up. We then finished second in the group of the 680 kilos, missing out on a place in the final to Norton, who went on to beat Felton Eccles in the final. We then went on to finish as runners up in both the 600 kilos and 640 kilos weight classes, pulling well in both, only to lose to a very good Norton team in the end. There is still a lot of hard work to do, but hopefully we can continue to improve up to the national championships in June and make a serious challenge for medals on the day. Photo: Bosley 680 kilos team

The Bosley Squad at the National League Finals

3) Child sex? Do you really believe that’s unique to gays? Seriously? If some gay men are attracted to young boys, what about the straight men attracted to young girls? There are whole industries promoting and selling straight sex between men and female children, and given the relative numbers of gays and straights, I’d say you ought to clean your own house before you start throwing stones here.

Death Panelty to gays in the United States NOW!!!Nation of Islam.

This weekend we will be competing at Bedford at the first national league event of the season.

To those of you who hate people like me, I can do nothing more than pray for you, pray that your burden of hatered is lifted. No God could condone hate… least no God I know of…I always assumed hatered was left for “satan” . I’m sure that like myself, many other Gay men and woman will continue to find and enjoy love. Love is not only sex!

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It’s “common sense” that 70 percent to 90 percent of the men in the United States are homosexual, and government statistics show that!!!??? If so, I must have woken up this morning in a different universe. I’ll now return to my own universe and leave you in this one.
— Colin

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its funny how so many people judges the LGBT community around the world this was a interesting topic to discuss i understand that many people would rather see these countries bomb full of hate but seriously why we are all the same in away just finding what attracts us more straight people have to understand that the LGBT is not to hurt the world we live in but we are only human how many of you all can say you weren’t attracted to the same sex it makes no difference if we were blind or have a disability we are still human we bleed the same we have the same organs in our bodies and if my children ever came to me and said i need to tell you something im gay/lesbian or im going to be a transgender i wouldn’t be shock but be happy for them life is to short to judge on other people sexuality this topic has made me understand that there are countries who wont allow LGBT be who they are and its ashame we not standing behind and showing support to let these countries know that changing there laws help make a greater change its a new time new generations of the old come a new now why cant many of you people get that we should be seeing what others face in horror the acceptance is all the LGBT wants is that so hard to see that maybe they are reaching out in arms and saying people of the world stand with us help us get this new law that being LGBT is ok let us stop hiding and being scared let our country allow us to be who we are who we marry and love and have a family just like any other hetro human there are in the world help us. or are we just going to stand there and let them hurt other humans its a world we need to show love and compassion time for all the people quotes of god and other beliefs to stop cause there was a saying to show love to others than to pass judgement i could go on but ill leave it to that but to the one who post this topic up ill tilt my hearrty to you cause you have help me understand what its like for other countries when i come from a country that allows LGBT to marry in the civil union and that being along time to understand just how lucky i am to live where we may just live even though we may have some who dislikes it but we dont condemn them to death or fines but its a great topic feel happy that you put this out there hea

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I well understand how if you believe in christ you will go to heaven but this verse says how wrong it is to be homosexual. all of you LGBT supporters scrap the scripture of meaning trying to say you aren’t twisted and immoral looking constantly for every detail when it is clearly stated in black and white. Oh by the way if it is so natural why does my stomach knot when I see two guys or two girls.
the principles you say make it natural are of the same level of envy you should not envy other people or their belongings but it feels natural. here is the connection they both involve satan tempting you. If you fight it you can get away but the second you say ok he has gotten to you you can cope with your envy just keep your feelings inside.