Goodbye Winter(to the tune of "Goodnight Ladies)

the language thereAnd say good-bye to CarolinaLeave the ... Of Martin Luther KingTo say good-bye to CarolinaGo west ... familyAnd tell your friends good-byeSay you'll write them

get me through the daySay goodbye the the loveAnd the good

That title, Goodbye to Language, speaks directly to the pedal steel’s uncannily expressive qualities. Motifs appear and dissolve again just as quickly. There is just enough dissonance to keep you caught up in its mechanics, and the relationships between chords can be quite counterintuitive and strange, but there is no real discord. As the songs shift from chord to chord, they move with an easy, lilting motion, and the most obviously electronic aspects—the loops, the backmasked bits—disappear faithfully back within the whole, determined never to call attention to themselves. Occasionally, a sense of physicality comes to the fore: squeaks of fingertips against strings, whorls of ribbed wire peeling off in delay. But for the most part, the music gives the illusion of being something sourceless, something created without effort—not product, but pure being; not labor, but freedom.

Skiensmannen Werner Mill er ute med ny singel – Last Goodbye.

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REF:(And this is)The goodbyePlease don´t cryI am ... REF:(And this is)The goodbyePlease don´t cryI am ... careSo then I dareSay goodbye to youBRIDGEMaybe

Maybe it´s a silly question but..

effort into itDoes it feel good to hurtSomeone trying to ... itDoes it make you feel good? A kiss won't make this ... betterThis is my last good-byeA kiss won't make this

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the pageThis will be our last song togetherWords will ... make us cryThis will be our last song togetherThere's no ... other way to say good-byeMisty faces, far off

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is not a love song Bye bye baby I keep on waiting, ... together [Chorus:] Bye bye baby bye bye It's your ... That's why we have to say goodbye So say goodbye Bye bye baby bye bye It's your turn

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Just one more word just one last kiss good byeWhere do we ... Just one more word just one last kiss good byeOur love will ... Just one more word just one last kiss good byeEven though

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was a good girl uh-huhGet you in the ... I've got so much to sayBye bye BarbaraI'm gonna kiss you ... Tell you I'll miss you nowBye bye BarbaraWe knew it