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Utah’s released its much anticipated feasibility study regarding Utah’s capacity as a State to manage lands currently controlled by the Federal Government.

Pure Land Buddhism as a school of Buddhist thinking began in India around the 2nd century BCE.

Whether hunting on public or private land, hunting ethics should be kept in mind. Take the time to review hunting regulations now, focus on the counties or areas you’ll be hunting and make sure you understand them. Be respectful of other hunters while in the field. Don’t hunt areas where someone else is already hunting and try to have a backup plan so you don’t crowd fellow hunters. If you are a successful hunter, be mindful of how you dispose of your harvest. Dumping carcasses and hides on public land is illegal.

Land Surveying ethics is a great subject to discuss!

How do you define “Good” and “Personal Responsibility” when it comes to public lands?

People who sincerely call on Amitabha for help will be reborn in Sukhavati - The Pure Land or The Western Paradise - where there are no distractions and where they can continue to work towards liberation under the most favourable conditions.

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Hunters are reminded to get written permission before hunting on private land, and to act ethically while hunting on private and public property.

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Pure Land Buddhism took off in Japan when the monk Honen (1133-1212) simplified the teachings and practices of the sect so that anyone could cope with them.

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Honen taught that rebirth in the Pure Land was certain for anyone who recited the name with complete trust and sincerity. Honen said that all that was needed was...

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“Treat all land, whether public or private, as if it were your own,” Morris said. “How we act in the field and treat others reflects on all of us as hunters.”

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A century after Honan, one of his disciples, Shinran (1173-1262) brought a new understanding of the Pure Land ideas. Shinran taught that what truly mattered was not the chanting of the name but faith. Chanting on its own had no value at all.

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The nature of Amitabha is not entirely clear. Encyclopedia Britannica describes him as "the great saviour deity worshiped principally by members of the Pure Land sect in Japan." Another writer says "Amitabha is neither a God who punishes and rewards, gives mercy or imposes tests, nor a divinity that we can petition or beg for special favours".