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This is an update to my recent post of July 17…I forgot to mention that I was involved in a breast implant class action lawsuit against Dow Chemical, in about 1993, and it took 12 years to get a settlement. I was promised, in writing from the judge, that I would receive a settlement for damages of $500,000., but DowChemical, at the time called Dow Corning, filed for bankruptcy to protect themselves from the huge number of claimants, and I only received about $10,000. after many years of attorneys and endless paperwork. So hardly worth it. I was also on disability at the time for chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other symptoms that my doctor felt were caused by the breast implants. Needless to say, if I had never had breast implants, I may have led a healthy, productive life and would never have had to experience such a decline in my health and finances.

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Hi Tracy,
Your implants are over ten years old. Most competent doctors recommend replacing breast implants, all types, every ten years because it is well known that implants deteriorate and rupture well before ten years, many before six years. Your symptoms are definitely from your implants and common to breast implant illness including your daily persistent headache. Headaches are the number one symptom for toxicity and inflammation, like when you experience a hangover you get a headache. Your daily headache can be from toxicity from a broad fungal infection which is common with saline implants due to their construction (valves and saline which promotes fungus and bacteria growth). Fungus produce bio-toxins as waste products and so if fungus is flourishing in your body you have a large load of bio-toxins to deal with on a constant basis which causes many symptoms you list. Also, all breast implants damage our thyroid and adrenals which can also cause daily headaches and make life hell. Time to explant, detox and heal, you’ve suffered long enough. Here for you anytime. Nicole

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Hi Andrea,The facebook group is called Breast Implant Illness and Healing Official Group. See you there. Nicole

Hi Shelley,
I will write to you privately. You most likely have some co-infections that need to be treated as well. Fungus biotoxin illness is very common in ladies with breast implants due to immune dysfunction and this can cause heart palps and your other symptoms. I will friend you on Facebook and please come to our Facebook group called Breast Implant Illness and Healing Official Group or by clicking the facebook button on any page of this site. Nicole

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I Had MY IMPLANTS DONE March 2010. I began having problems with health but just thought it was natural since I had turned 40. I now have an endocrinologist, a Rheumatologist, an orthopedic specialist and just referred to a Neurologist. I was diagnosed with Graves disease Dec. 2011, had to have a hysterectomy in 2011, my thyroid was destroyed with radioactive iodine Oct. 2013. I still have autoimmune disorders, my PCP has tested me for Lyme disease, Lupus, Rocky Mountain Fever, all test for adrenal gland disorders. The list goes on. I have chronic joint pain, can hardly stand up or walk at time, left shoulder hurts so bad that I wish it would just fall off.

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Hi Oneisha,
Please come to the facebook group Breast Implant Illness and Healing Official Group. There are many women from England in the group that can help coach you on how to get an explant. Nicole

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Had my 9 1/2 year saline implants removed 12/21/2015! En bloc removal by the PS who did the implant. He doesn’t believe the implants are the cause of my health problems (joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia-type symptoms are the worst, carpal tunnel, brain fog….) but was very respectful of my belief that they are and I think he is actually concerned about the possibility that they are the cause. I am so relieved that they are out and at the possibility that I will get my health back. THANK YOU Nicole and all participants on this site for giving me all of the information on these life-endangering implants. I will post updates with, hopefully, my successful detox.