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Some musicality can be taught to anyone. For some, it’ll be harder going learning more, as they’re behind on the learning, understanding, practise that others have had. In the end, for some, it’s too much time to get depp into it. Others, with more practise at an earlier age, can relish in getting their musicality better.

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Simple heartfelt musicality can be a pretty great thing to have. I have yet to get it myself, but enjoy seeing other dancers with it – and interested in seeing what ways there are to teach and learn it. I’m coming from a beginner salsa dancer position – Maybe in different dance fields musicality is taught in different ways/different ideas on it, and that others from different dance fields would have input on the wider discussion on teaching musicality effectively

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Hmmm… I probably need more musical training, but I’ll guess you’re referring to the “Discofox WCC Velbert 2001” clip ()

Though I wrote “ naturally genetic or nurtured very early,” I want to acknowledge this poor word choice because I do actually feel that those who display an innate musicality have more accurately a combination of genetic predisposition and early fostering. As Tom mentioned, it seems possible to me that for some, their “musical gene” may lie relatively dormant or unused. For others, intense nurturing many never totally make up for a lack of musical inheritance.

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Tom, I think the distinction with teaching musicality over teaching something like using your non-dominant hand, walking or any other motor skill is that it is a qualitative skill. Unlike learning a motor skill (where you either do it or you don’t) musicality is a skill that is executed on a sliding scale in combination with a whole bunch of other skills being performed at the same time. But that’s not to say that I don’t agree with you!

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I really believe that musicality can be taught, and similiarly to Nichelle’s theory I think there is a continuum of musicality–how far the dancer can move up on that continuum depends on how much experience and practice the dancer has, how the instructor teaches and how they utilize feedback, genetic predispostions, and the role of the environment (i.e. musical family members, exposure, extracurricular activities, etc.).

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Can cooking be taught? Can movement, e.g. walking be taught, learnt, re-learnt? Do I have to have the skill to make a full 5 course meal for 6 before I can cook? It’s a continuum, not a binary have/have not skill. Surely musicality is this too?

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For me, a title like “Musicality in dance… can it be taught?” sounds a little like linkbait, as the simple answer is yes. You show one case of musicality being taught, and you disprove an argument that it can’t be taught (at all). Then you’re on to shades/standards of musicality.