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For the rest of the year, Kamau and this group shared a genuine bond. My training and experience told me that Kamau’s start-of-the-year explosion should have been the teachable moment, but my usual tactics failed to expand his thinking even slightly. What Kamau needed was time with his classmates: time to get to know them, learn from them and love them. He also needed time to understand that acceptance meant that he, too, could feel comfortable and safe. When we processed the year in our final circle, the group’s favorite memories, including Kamau’s, were of each other and the difference they had made in the world.

The chronicling of my loc journey and the acceptance of my natural hair.

People paraded by our booth, many dressed in vibrant and elaborate outfits. I worried a bit about how the students, particularly Kamau, would react when actually seeing people who didn’t conform to . There was not one question about people’s gender or sexuality, though. Not one negative or confused comment. Just acceptance.

Ward Helps Biracial Youths on Journey Toward Acceptance

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TEACHING: The Journey is built on an important leadership structure that is built around Christ’s idea of “Servant Leadership” (click here to listen). As we bring forward a new pastor to The Journey, Ryan Lepro, our desire is that everyone who comes to The Journey sees themselves as a leader because everyone is able to serve [...]