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His parent’s divorce caused his stories to depict unhappiness of matrimony, deceit, miscommunication, and a profound misunderstanding (Maupassant, Guy de, 1850-1893)....

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Maupassant's characters are not free agents. While they are fate's puppets (Mathilde is keenly aware she was born in the wrong caste), they are also the products of their own time and place. Mathilde's longings for a finer, more exciting life echo those of Flaubert's hapless heroine Emma Bovary and underscore women's place in 19th century France. This was a time when it was believed that women's brains were inferior to men's and that one should not bother educating them. Bourgeois girls were sent to convent schools for a year or two to be groomed to become good, proper wives. They learned how to read and write. They also received a religious education and were taught basic math and needlepoint. Besides creating obedient models of domesticity, however, convent schools also played an important role in the social dynamic by allowing young women of different backgrounds to make lasting connections across the class divide (compulsory military service did the same for young men). In the case of Mathilde, it is significant that convent school is where she met Jeanne Forestier, the rich friend who lends her the necklace that will change her life. It is also noteworthy that, although Jeanne regularly invites Mathilde to her luxurious house in the name of their bond, the visits prove too painful for her former classmate. Faced with the stark gap between their two worlds, Mathilde feels so humiliated that she decides to stop calling on her friend.

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Having brilliantly condensed a decade of sacrifice in one page, Maupassant leads both the heroine and the reader to the real punch line: the Loisels' decade-long sacrifice was for naught, the necklace was false. Here, readers fluent in French can appreciate the writer's clever choice of "La Parure" for the title. Maupassant could have used "Le Collier," which also means "The Necklace," instead. But parure suggests a far more valuable jewel than the common term collier and underscores the devastating impact of Jeanne's news. In this dramatic final twist, Maupassant reveals that the real stakes of class inequality are as brutal and arbitrary as they are absurd.

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In Guy De Mauspassant's `The Necklace," the author examines the theme of how learning a difficult lesson about honesty can impact someone for the rest of their life....

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Most of Maupassant’s stories are sad, but I agree, this one is not overly miserable – the guy got what he deserved – a stern wife. I think Maupassant didn’t tell us the whole story because his message to us was not to question the past, don’t take things for granted and like you said “treasure what you have while you have it!”.

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I don’t think she saved to buy real jewelry because she acted like it was fake. She seemed honest/innocent enough to really believe that. Don’t you think? It must have been a secret admirer… but then the whole innocence thing. I guess we’re really getting away from the message that Maupassant wanted us to get, though: treasure what you have while you have it!

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Guy De Maupassant, the author of " The Necklace" describes a relationship between two people with different dreams and how desires can alter your life.

In Guy de Maupassant’s The Jewelry, the protagonist, M.

Utterly to the point with his words, Guy de Maupassant’s fame as a writer stemmed from his “direct and simple way” of telling readers what he observed (Chopin 861).