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As Jackson's national profile increased, so did his political involvement. Beginning in the late 1970s, he began traveling around the world to mediate or spotlight problems and disputes. He visited South Africa in 1979 and spoke out against the country's apartheid policies, and later traveled to the Middle East to throw his support behind the creation of a Palestinian state. He also got behind democratic efforts in the small island nation of Haiti.

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While Jackson declined to run for the U.S. presidency again, he continued to be a force on the political stage, pushing for African-American rights and serving as a featured speaker at Democratic conventions.

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Established in 1834, the Whig Party was a reaction to the authoritarian policies of Andrew Jackson.. “King Andrew," as his critics labeled him, had enraged his political opponents by his actions regarding the Bank of the United States, Native Americans, the Supreme Court and his use of presidential war powers.

Still, there was no denying Jackson's impact on American politics and civil rights. In 2000 President awarded Jackson the Presidential Medal of Freedom. That same year he received a Master of Divinity degree from the Chicago Theological Seminary.