Impacts of urban sprawl and commuting: a modelling …

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For Lennon, although born in Liverpool, New York City was without doubt the most valuable city.
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- Interview with Levi Bryant; On Triangles in Squares and the Color of Air by Kyle Miller; Raptures by Masha Hupalo; Small Scale; Practice by Hester van Gent; Little People by Slinkachu; Stealth Infrastructure by Julian Oliver; All the Small Things by Benedetta Marani; Local Code: Real Estates by Nicholas de Monchaux; Hobby Room: Spatial and Social Infrastructures for Collective Urban Space by James Longfield; The Cabanon: The Smallest Apartment in the World by STAR and BOARD; The Apartheid that Can't Be Flushed Away by Nadine Botha; Seeding the City in Ulaanbaatar's Ger Districts: Urbanisation from the Inside-out by Joshua Bolchover; Small Urbanism for Refugees by Fabiano Micocci; From Small Scale Interventions to the Third Generation City by Marco Casagrande

" And Though She be but Little, She is Fierce!", the title of contribution using a quote from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", captures the content of this MONU issue on "Small Urbanism" very well.

Sprawl and Health - New Urbanism

The places we live in today are in many ways shaped by government spending - Subsidized Landscapes.
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He furthermore points out that the livability rankings imply an urban thinking in terms of closed systems as cities start focusing on the points already scored, which makes them static and inflexible.

Demographics & Urban Policy ..

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This new MONU issue on the topic of Post-Ideological Urbanism probably touches on one of the most fascinating and biggest issues of our time and in our culture, or what is left of it: the non-ideological - or better post-ideological - conditions of our society when it comes to cities.

Houston: The Surprising Contender in America’s Urban …

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This new issue of MONU is dedicated entirely to the topic of - meaning the urbanism of the cities of the so-called or , which include eleven countries: , and .